From time to time, an iOS device may become un-enrolled from Airwatch. This can happen if the installed version of the Hub app falls too far behind or if the iOS is updated before the Hub app is. These conditions cause the Airwatch system to consider the iOS device compromised and will un-enroll it from the server, restricting access to ACME applications. Here is a step by step guide to re-enrolling a device in Airwatch: 

    1. The device will need to be wiped and reset. Go to Settings>General>Reset>Erase all Content and Settings. You will need the device passcode and the iCloud password to complete this process. Please contact your system administrator or ACME Product Support if you need this information.
    2. After the device has been reset, you will see the Hello screen; swipe or touch the home button to start the setup wizard.
    3. After specifying your language and Wi-fi preferences, you should see a page that says Remote Management asking for credentials. Enter Username: Staging. Password = greendale.
    4. Enter a passcode for the device (standard is adding a zero before the tenant number)
    5. Enter an Apple ID and password to continue enrollment.
    6. Enable Location services and agree to share data with Apple and Developers.
    7. After the setup is complete and you see the home screen, select the Airwatch catalog that is already installed on the device.
    8. Install the Airwatch Intelligent Hub app from the Catalog, then open the app. You will be asked for another set of credentials to link your device to your Airwatch account. Again, please contact ACME Support if you do not have these credentials available. 
    9. After the enrollment process is complete, return to the the Catalog.
    10. Download ACME Sales or ACME AC depending on the device, and make sure you click Allow Notifications when prompted.
    11. Optional: the Apple iOS apps can be deleted or reorganized for to allow the user to better focus on relevant apps.

Q: I didn't see a Remote Management prompt during the setup assistant and now I don't see my catalog. What happened?

A: Your device is not enrolled in Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) Please contact ACME Product Support for an alternative method of enrolling in Airwatch. 

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