In ACME, a User is anybody who has anything to do with the ACME Platform. Users are people who set up events, use the POS, create reports, organize membership, or any number of other activities.

If someone uses the ACME Platform, they are a User!

When you first start with ACME, you'll want to make all of your employees Users. As employees come and go from your organization, you'll want to add and remove them from the Platform.

To learn how to add Users to the ACME Platform, read Add Users to the ACME Platform.

Rules Based Access Control (RBAC)

The ACME Platform uses a set of rules to determine what parts of the Platform different Users can access, edit, create, or delete. We call this system Rules Based Access Control (RBAC).

RBAC is a very robust system, and can be configured in all sorts of ways.

To learn how it works, and to begin setting up permissions for your Users, read User Permissions.