1. Ensure that all devices are plugged in and powered on.

2. Check that the iPad and the printer are on the same Ethernet network and that the Wi-Fi has been disabled in the Settings menu on the iPad.

3. Force close and restart ACME Sales

4. Review the Configuration menu in ACME Sales to make sure that the correct printer is selected, and that the app is using the correct IP address for the printer. You can see which printer is selected by viewing the sub-menu header on the left side of the screen.

  • You can find the Epson TM-T88V’s IP address by tapping the blue Re-Scan button. 
  • The BOCA IP address needs to be entered manually with the correct DPI setting. 

5. Power cycle the iPad and the printer.

6. Wait 60 seconds for the printer to retrieve the IP address.

7. Log in to ACME Sales and print a test ticket.

7. If the printer still doesn’t work, check your wiring to make sure all cables are connected properly.

8. If all connections look good, check with your local IT or network administrator to ensure that the IP addresses are still accurate and that the Ethernet drops are working properly.

9. If the issue persists, please email support@acmeticketing.com