In the event that your  card reader stops working as expected, please take the following actions:

1. Go to the iPad’s Settings menu. Click the “Bluetooth” sub-menu. Ensure that the Magtek reader is listed as either “connected” or “not connected” (it doesn’t matter which).

2. If the Magtek is listed, select the “i” symbol. Select “Forget this device”. The Magtek should not be listed under "My Devices" before moving on to step 3.

3. Open the Configuration menu on ACME Sales. Select the “Card Reader” sub-menu. Confirm that the Magtek with the correct serial number is selected from the list on the right. If the Magtek is not on the list, tap “Re-Scan” to refresh the list.

5. After selecting the proper Magtek Reader, turn on the “test” switch at the top of the screen.

6. A prompt will appear, asking for a PIN to pair the devices. Enter 000000, then select Pair.

7. The Magtek is now paired, and ready to take credit cards.


Q. I selected the re-scan button but I don't see the serial number for my card reader. What should I do?

A. Check that the card reader is turned on and is not already paired with another sales terminal. You may also need force your card reader back into Discovery Mode. For Dynamax card readers, disconnect the card reader from power, plug it back in and wait for the flashing blue light. For eDyanamo card readers, hold down the button the side of the reader for 3-4 seconds. The card reader will have a blinking blue light and will actively seek other devices to pair with for 60 seconds and then go idle.

Q. I saw the pairing request prompt appear but then it disappeared before I could finish entering the PIN. What happened?

A. The card reader had to wait too long for the PIN to be entered and went to sleep. You will need to start the pairing process over again.

Q. I am still having trouble getting my Magtek  card reader to work properly.

A. If this troubleshooting guide does not resolve your issue, please contact Acme Product Support