The Ingenico EMV Card reader is an internet connected credit card reader capable of accepting magnetic stripe, chip, and most common contactless method of payment in ACME Sales. 


About ACME, Ingenico, and Worldpay Express

ACME currently supports the Ingenico Lane/3000 and Link 2500 reader for box office sales terminals. The box office will need an available power outlet and an available ethernet port or WiFi access  for each terminal that you wish to set up. This allows the Ingenico device to communicate directly with Worldpay for pre-approvals before the user makes a final confirmation at the Point of Sale (POS). You may need to check with your network administrator to ensure that the EMV unit has unrestricted access to the internet and local network for proper communication with Worldpay. 

Note: Worldpay Express credentials are required to utilize this solution. Check with your system administrator or ACME Product Support to ensure that your Backoffice is correctly configured before you attempt to take payment.

Set-up Instructions and Expected Behavior

Note: See Configuring the Ingenico Lane/3000 Device (Ethernet) or Configuring the Ingenico Link 2500 for Wi-Fi  for device specific instructions


  1. Once the device is plugged into power, it will boot up automatically. 
  2. When the boot menu appears, quickly press the down arrow to scroll down the menu until the IP address appears as in the attached image. Be sure to make a note of this IP address as you will need it in the next step.  Note: You will need to check your network connection to the card reader if a valid IP address does not appear.
  3. In the ACME Sales app, go to Configuration>Chip Card Reader, select the type of Ingenico card reader you are using, and enter the IP address collected in Step 2.
  4. Press the Blue Connect button after entering the IP address. If the connection was successful the device serial number will appear and the device screen will say Ready. Note: You can check the progress of the connection with the modal at the bottom of the screen

Your card reader should now be ready for operation. You can learn more about completing a sale with this device and common troubleshooting steps in the Taking Payments with an Ingenico EMV Credit Card Reader guide. 

Updating the Reader Firmware

In some cases, a new version of the card reader firmware will need to be installed to connect to our application. After entering the card reader IP address into ACME Sales, you will see a screen on the EMV reader that looks similar to the one below.

This indicates that the card reader is attempting to install a firmware update. This process can take up to 20 minutes and the card reader will restart several times. Once the card reader says "ready," connect the card reader again by following the same steps as above. 

Ingenico EMV Credit Card Reader Troubleshooting & FAQs