ACME Backoffice allows you to renew a membership as well as transact as a member. This includes the following use cases: standard renew, upgrade and downgrade renew, and rejoin. Additionally, you’ll be able to apply coupons to a renewal and manage the cardholders during the renew process.


  1. In ACME Backoffice, navigate to Memberships > Members. 
  2. Locate the member to renew. 
  3. Click the Transact dropdown and select Renew or Renew Options which will take you to the shopping cart.
    • Select Renew to immediately add the member's current level/offering to the cart
    • Select Renew Options to see the current level/offering compared to the other upgrade and downgrade options available
  4. Update the primary cardholder information as needed.
    1. If you see an address displayed with an error message stating "Address is required for this customer to be a primary cardholder.", some required field of the address, like country (pictured below), is missing. Click the edit pencil or "Add Address" to edit the existing address to input the missing data before proceeding.
  5. The name and address for the primary cardholder will automatically be pre-filled as the billing contact. In the event that the membership is being paid for by someone else or the member has a separate billing address from the membership address, a new contact can be added as the billing information. 
  6. Apply any applicable coupon and collect payment to complete the order.