Description: This solution describes the difference between Renew and Renew options as both of these appear in Back Office.

Version: 8.0


Navigate to the members area to immediately see the new column for the action button.  

Renew is for quick renew. This can be used if the member on the phone knows that they want to renew into the same level so the agent can bypass a step and go right into checkout.  

Renew Options is for the agent to communicate all of the levels that the member can renew into (i.e. upgrade renew or downgrade renew). This should be used for the member who may want to change into a different level or if the business practice is to try to upsell the member into a higher level of membership. The agent should click on the drop down arrow next to Transact and select "Renew Options". Upon click the agent will be taken to the Renew Options page where the additional membership levels available for renewal will appear for selection. Clicking on an offering from this page will add the renewal to the cart and the agent can proceed to checkout.

These buttons can be found:

  1. In the list here by default (screenshot above)

  2. When you search 

  3. When you view the member (top right)

  4. When you click into a cardholder (top right)