Summary: Back Office users will be able to search for members and transact on their behalf to complete Membership Renewals in Back Office or to sell tickets. There are "Transact" buttons in membership search, and on the member and cardholder pages. Clicking transact will take the user to the event list so that events can be added to the shopping cart. Any applicable discounts for the membership level will be shown in checkout and the user can add both discounted and full price tickets to the cart. Entitlements will be checked to make sure that members are staying within the defined ticket limits. 

Note: The Renew (ie Quick Renew) and Renew Options buttons now appear in the drop down list under "Transact". Member only events will be available to be sold only to members who have the applicable levels.  


  1. Use one of the different ways to locate the member. Search for a member OR click into the member record OR click into the cardholder record.

  2. Click Transact from the record.

  3. Add the event to the cart. 

  4. Click checkout. (Note: You’ll see the “Member discounted” tab vs. “Full Price” tab.)

  5. There is an ability to check members and control how many tickets a member level is allowed.

  6. Review the order summary.

  7. The user has the ability to add additional tickets to the cart in the cart overlay.

  8. Proceed to checkout.

  9. See how the billing is auto populated with member info.

If you are transacting as a member and notice that the member name is incorrect or needs to be changed, this can be changed in the cart during checkout. The user will be prompted to clear the cart and start over with the correct member. (Screenshot below)