ACME utilizes a partner service called Airwatch to provide our applications to your IOS devices. Every IOS devices running ACME applications also has an Airwatch intelligent hub application installed. This application needs to be kept up to date on every device running ACME to ensure continuous operation.  Please take a moment to go to your AirWatch Catalog on your device and install the latest version of the AirWatch Intelligent Hub App. Please ensure that the AirWatch  application is up to date before installing any Apple IOS update. Failing to do so could result in your device becoming un-enrolled from our server and a loss of access to ACME applications. 

*Note: AirWatch will always show an "Installed"status in green next to the App even if the latest version has not been installed. Tap the green "Installed" button to ensure the latest version is installed on the device. 

If you have any questions or need assistance updating your device, please reach out to ACME Product Support at