The ACME Export feature is used to produce a file of membership transaction sales and membership data updates that can then be uploaded to external systems, such as Raiser's Edge.


Permissions Required

The following permissions are required, all are assigned to the impex-admin role by default


Export Terms

  • Job:  A Job is a container for a type of import. For example, the job named "Membership Export" is loaded by default. The Job has a set of mappings associated with it, and will contain many Job Executions.
  • Mapping: The mapping is a description of how to write a column of data and determines the column names for the CSV of output data. 

  • Job Execution: A job execution is one instance of the Job being run. It contains the Membership.csv file that was produced during the job execution. 

How to Run an Export

  1. Navigate to the Import Export feature in the left sidebar.

    • In ACME Back Office, go to Settings > Import Export > Export tab.

  2. Click on the Export job "Raiser's Edge Export Job".

    • If this job is not already present, please contact Product Support.

  3. Select export parameters.

    • "Export All Since Last Run" will find all eligible records since the last export date.

    • "Export All from mm/dd/yyyy" allows you to select a specific date from which to export records.

      • Note: for the first time an export is run in ACME, it is best to pick a date in the not too distant past for the first export otherwise the large quantity of data can cause the export to fail.

  4. Download file

    • Click Download button to download file that was produced to your desired location.

    • The main list will show you all export jobs after they have been executed. You can click into each job by ID to download the file, or click on the Downloads link in the far right column,

Note: At this time, the Export mapping cannot be updated. Please contact Product Support if you encounter any issues.