In the event that a donation needs to be refunded from an existing Order, the following option are available:

Back Office

  1. Locate and open the Order that contains the donation.
  2. On the Order Summary page, select the Edit button.
  3. Click the gray X button to the right of the donation. The item will be removed from the order and the refund will be applied to the current balance on the Order.
  4. Click the Continue button to review the changes, elect to send or not send an Email confirmation, and then finalize the changes by clicking Update Order.

ACME Sales (POS)

  1. In Order Management, look up and open the Order that contains the donation. 
  2. Press the gray X to the right of the donation to remove the item from the order, then select Update Order.
  3. Verify the changes you are about to make and the press Issue Refund to finish the transaction.

Note: Donations can only be removed from existing Orders, but not added or increased. Amount adjustments can be made by creating a new Order with the desired donation amounts.