In the event that a donation needs to be refunded from an existing Order, the following option are available:


  1. Locate and open the Order that contains the donation in Backoffice.
  2. On the Order Summary page, select the Edit button.
  3. Click the gray X button to the right of the donation. The item will be removed from the order and the refund will be applied to the current balance on the Order.
  4. Click the Continue button to review the changes, elect to send or not send an Email confirmation, and then finalize the changes by clicking Update Order.

Note: Donations can only be removed in full from existing Orders; new donations cannot be added to an existing order, and existing donation amounts cannot be increased or decreased. Additional amounts can be donated by creating a new order with the desired donation amount. 

Removing a donation from an order at POS will cause the entire order to be refunded. Because of this, we advise to only remove donations via Backoffice when needed.