Donors and guests may want to give funds to various campaigns or funds. This can be configured and tracked in ACME. 

Donation Amounts

Under Amount, the user is allowed to configure both fixed donation type and variable donation type. (Please note: you can only have one variable donation per tenant.)

  1. To configure a donation type, click New Amount.
  2. Name, Price, and type are required fields. 
    • The Name value will be displayed in confirmation emails, like a ticket type.
    • The Description value will be displayed in confirmation emails, like a ticket description. Many clients use this to include an additional message like "Thank you for your support".
    • Type is either fixed or variable, and only one variable donation type can be configured. 
    • The SKU field is deprecated and only appears in the donations table.
  3. Select the appropriate Sales Channels where you want the donation amount to be displayed. 

Fund, Campaign, and Appeal Configuration

Under Configuration, the user is able to define campaign, appeal, fund, and form settings.

  • ACME Funds, Appeals, and Campaigns are a separate entity from similar fields you may have in your Constituent Relations Management software (CRM). 
  • These can be set in ACME to be displayed/chosen during checkout on different sales channels and will appear in reporting for those donations. You don't need to have all three configured in ACME; you can mix and match as suits your needs.
  • Even if the Web channel is turned off for a Fund, Campaign, or Appeal, it can still be used to specify a Campaign, Appeal or Fund in an ACME eCommerce Link.

Form Setting Configuration

Within the "Form Setting" tab, there is a toggle for "Show extended form" - POS vs. B2C. If it's turned on for a sale channel, that means the channel will show the "Recognition and "In Honor of: sections of the form. If no sale channel selected, this will not display. The default should have both sale channels turned off.  

See the ACME eCommerce Text Variables - Donations guide to configure the customizable portions of the extended donation form.

POS example - when all options are configured

Tip: Up to 20 Donation Custom Fields can also be configured to collect additional data points for POS donations. These can be configured in Back Office Settings>Custom Fields and can be access in a Donatiosn report. 

Online Donation example - when all options are configured

Tip: Want to see your eCommerce donations landing page? Navigate to Settings>Company Profile and click Donate Page. This will open your Donations Landing Page in whatever environment you are logged into.

Please see the Configuring the Donation landing page for eCommerce guide for more specifics on setting up that page.