This feature is only available when utilizing ACME Access Control scanning.

Description: Your organization sells advance tickets to events where a date and time must be chosen. However, you know that people sometimes run late or things happen, and you want to maintain more relaxed rules on ticket redemption. You also know that such a policy often encourages online sales because there is less risk of loss should the date or time be missed.

To facilitate these rules, ACME provides 2 features at the Event level:

  • Expiration Date: Numbers of Days from Date of Purchase that a ticket may be redeemed. A ticket can be automatically rebooked during this window, if the Automatic Rebooking setting is activated for that event template.

  • Validation Rules: Based on the Event Start Time, Allow Checkin Before Start and Allow Entry After Start, in minutes, during which scans will be validated (access granted). This is the "normal" check-in window, and will check tickets in for the original time/date.

  • Automatic Rebooking: This allows an Access Control user to scan a ticket for a different date or time and rebook it to the current event and check in. This process is covered in more detail in Scanning Tickets with ACME Access Control.  

Timed Events, Same Day Only: For exhibition timed-entry or films where there are recurrences throughout the day.