Upcoming Changes to ACME Sandbox URLs
In our ongoing efforts to improve platform security, ACME will be moving all of our Sandbox environments to the .net domain beginning on October 1, 2019.  

For most users, the only impact will be a change to the URL used to access Backoffice and Online Ticketing in the Sandbox environments. Login credentials and configurations will remain unchanged.

Instead of using the current URLs:

https://www.sand10-acmeticketing.com/login (Backoffice)
https://www.sand10-buy.acmeticketing.com/events/{tenantId}/list (Online Ticketing)

Users will access the Sandboxes using the following URLs:

https://www.sand10-acmeticketing.net/login (Backoffice)
https://www.sand10-buy.acmeticketing.net/events/{tenantId}/list (Online Ticketing)

Important Notes:

The API endpoints in the Sandboxes will also be changing from https://www.sand10-api.acmeticketing.com to https://www.sand10-api.acmeticketing.net. The current .com endpoints will no longer function in the Sandbox environments after the Sandboxes are moved to the .net domain so please update your integrations accordingly.

All Production URLs will be unchanged so you do not need to do anything different to access the ACME production environment.

If you have any questions, please reach out to ACME Product Support at support@acmeticketing.com.

The ACME Team