Q: How should my Backoffice be configured to accept test credit cards if I use the standard Vantiv Litle payment Processor?

A: In Backoffice Settings>Administration>Payment, ensure that the card processor is set to Stripe for general testing. The test card below will work after you select Update. You may need to log out and in to POS for this to take effect:

Stripe Test Visa Card: 4242424242424242 CVV: 123 Exp: 12/2022

Q: When selecting the Express payment processor, what credentials should I enter for test transactions?

A: If you are using the Worldpay Express platform for testing, enter the following credentials in Backoffice>Settings>Payments and select Update when finished:

Express URL: https://certtransaction.elementexpress.com/
Express Account ID: 1048450
Express Account Token: 16BB39C6DFED1810EC31A3E876D6E36B75F62CAC7021C85D2EF92AFE563AAB75D9DAFB01
Express Application ID: 8577
Express Acceptor ID: 3928907

Express Test Visa Card: 4761739001010010  CVV: 123: Exp: 12/2022

Please note that production EMV readers used with POS cannot run test transactions.

Testing in a Sandbox Environment

When a data refresh occurs, be sure to check your sandbox payment processor settings in Back Office Settings>Administration>Payments. A data refresh will cause your test card payment settings to be replaced with your production card processor, causing test cards to fail.

  • If you wish to test the WorldPay Express test card numbers, set the payment processor to Express and enter your testing credentials in Back Office
  • For all other testing use cases, change the payment processor to Stripe to use the ACME supplied test card numbers

For security, emails triggered in a Sandbox environment only get sent when they are to your institution's email domain, or to any email domains you have safelisted. This is to ensure that a real guest doesn't get an email that looks like real tickets or a real membership, when it is actually a test purchase. Please ensure you are using your institution's email for any tests where you need to see the email that is issued.

Please refer to Using ACME Sandboxes for other details about using test environments and the data refresh schedule.