In the event that your Magtek UDynamo Credit card reader is not functioning properly, please check the following settings to ensure the card reader is properly configured:

  1. Check that the UDyanmo is plugged in and connected to power via the included micro USB-B cable.
  2. Ensure that "UDynamo" is listed as the Card Reader in your ACME Sales Configuration menu.
  3. Check that the card reader is securely connected to the iPad headphone port. Note: This reader does not connect via Bluetooth.
  4. Make sure that the volume on the iPad has been turned up to maximum. This is required for the card reader to properly communicate with the iPad through the headphone port.
  5. Confirm that the iPad is granting microphone access to the ACME Sales application. You can check this in iPad Settings>Privacy>Microphone>ACME Sales should be turned on.

Still having an issue? Please reach out to ACME Product Support by email: