Q: My event is showing as sold out on B2C (online) or not available at the POS even though space is available. What steps should I take to make it available?

A: In most cases, the event instance does not have the desired Sales Channel selected.  This gives the appearance that the event is sold out. Be sure to check the following:
  1. Locate and view your event on the Event List in Backoffice and review the Pricing tab. At least one Ticket Type will need to be enabled for your desired Sales Channel to prevent the event from appearing as sold out.
    Note: If you have more than one scheduled event on the template, you may need to repeat this step on the Schedule level of the Event Template.
  2. If the configuration looks correct on the Event Schedule, you may need to publish the Event Template again. Changes to your Event Template will not take effect until you select Publish. Also, in order to save changes you have made to an individual event, you will want to select Update on the event instance.

Q: Why is my event start time different after I published an event or updated an existing event?

A: Check the timezone setting on your local computer and be sure it matches your venue.  If a venue is on Eastern Standard time but you are publishing from a computer on pacific Standard time, your event start time will be offset by 3 hours.