Follow these steps to set-up an iPad or iPod Touch that was not purchased through Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)


1. You should begin with the Apple Setup Assistant if this is a new device or if you have just completed a device reset.

An Apple ID or iCloud account is required to complete setup and download necessary applications. Contact your internal IT or hardware admin for assistance regarding the Apple ID/iCloud account.

2. Once the setup is complete and you are on the Home screen, open the Apple App Store.

3. Search for and download the AirWatch Intelligent Hub app. An Apple ID or iCloud account will be required to complete this step.

Using the Airwatch Hub App

4. Open the Airwatch Intelligent Hub app.

5. Select the QR code enrollment option and scan the following code from your device.

If you are unable to scan the QR code, you can also enter the server credentials:

Server URL: ds705.awmdm.com
Group ID: ACME3028

6. Enter your Airwatch user credentials supplied by ACME. Reach out to ACME Product Support if you do not have the credentials available.

7. Agree to the notifications and permissions prompts until you are asked to move to iOS Settings menu.

Installing the Device Manager Profile

8. Navigate to the iOS Settings menu and select the Profile Download sub-menu to install the Device Manager Profile. Agree to prompts and  trust the profile to install.

9. Once the profile installation is complete, return to the Home screen for your device. 

10. A new icon called Catalog should appear on your screen. Catalog is where you will find the ACME applications and other useful utilities. Your iOS device is now enrolled in Airwatch!

When downloading apps from the Catalog, the catalog will indicate when the download has started but it will not update to show when the download has completed. Go to the device home screen after starting a download to see the installation status for an app. See the Updating ACME Apps from the AirWatch Catalog for more.

Need Help?

You can contact ACME Product Support during regular business hours by emailing support@acmeticketing.com