This solution will guide you on,

  • How to find an order in Back Office

  • How to dit an adjust an existing order

  • How to refund an order

  • How to see the email send history

  • How to view the transaction history (link to reports article if they are looking for more detailed reporting)

  • How to view the Order Summary PDF

Looking up an Order in Back Office:

  1. Log into ACME Back Office:

  2. Click “Orders”  menu on the left-hand side of the screen

  3. Once on the orders screen, you may scroll to look for the order or you can Search by First, Last, Email, Organization, Order No., Phone, Zip, Last 4 of Credit Card, or Voucher Number

  4. Once you have located the order, click on the blue "View" button on the left-hand side.

Editing and adjusting items on an Order:

  1. On the Order Summary screen, select the Edit Order button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

  2. On the Edit Order screen, you can:

    • Change the number of items for each category

    • Add additional Tickets and Add-ons that are attached to the same event

    • remove certain items by clicking on the X icon on the right-hand side

  3. Click Continue when you are done making your changes.

  4. You can review and confirm your changes on this next screen. Any refunds owed or additional balance to be paid will be automatically calculated and presented here. Note: If a refund is owed, the finds will go back to the original form of payment when the order was booked. 

  5. Select if you want a confirmation email to be sent out to the client's email address or not then select Update Order to finalize the changes. 

How to edit or refund an order

After opening your order. scroll to the bottom of the order, on the right-hand side you will see the options to Edit or Refund the order. Note: not all orders will be able to be refunded or edited. Follow the proceeding screens to edit or complete the cancelation for your order. 

How to see the email send history:
From the Order Summary page, select the  “Email Status” tab. A list will populate all email history related to this order. See Sending an Email Confirmation for an ACME Order
 to learn more. 

How to view the transaction history

  1. From an Order Summary , select the “Transactions” tab.

  2. Once on the transactions tab, you can click the “view” option on the transaction line to see the specifics related to that line item. 

  3. Select data fields can be shown or hidden by selecting the hamburger menu on the top right of the table. Note: looking for more data fields? See Reporting to view all available data related to this order. 

How to view the Order Summary PDF
From the Order Summary page, select the "View Order Summary" or "Print Invoice"  buttons to generate a PDF of your order summary in two different formats.