STEP ONE - Creating An Order 

Select the ticket icon to begin a buy-flow, creating a shopping cart for your order.  

• When you click on a "ticket" icon the icon will change to a checkmark.
• During this buy-flow first step, you may select more than one ticket type for your cart

STEP TWO - Continuing event buy-flow purchase

(A) Cart
(B) Events selected for cart
(C) Proceed to checkout.

STEP THREE - Cart Item Details 

1) Confirm event and event date (1) and time (2) are correct
• if more than one event of the same name is available in one day, a pull-down menu will be present (2)

• you may toggle between different times/same event name/same day without returning to the event list (2)

• remaining event capacity is written above the specific time of the event in parenthesis (2)
• HOLD: in B2B, a 10-minute "hold" is placed on tickets placed in your cart
3) Select ticket types (check limits) and quantities
• If the event sells out between the time you selected the event and the time you selected a quantity, an error message will display.
4)  Review tickets and Order Total Price

STEP FOUR - Collect Identifying Order Information from guest to complete the order's transaction: 

• the guest name and email must be present 

• the guest name must be an exact match to the name on the credit card

• all credit-card fields must be complete
*All fields with a star must be complete

(this screen may look different; the fields present are dependent upon your overall set-up).  

•Questions?  Speak with your own ACME administrator.

STEP FIVE - How to delete an event from a shopping cart or an entire shopping cart

1) click on the "x" as shown in the first image below.
2) to delete an entire cart's contents,  see the second image below "Cancel"