Removing an Event

If you need to remove an event from sale and no longer offer it, you can do so in one of two ways:


  • Deleting an Event in ACME Backoffice will remove it from sale, but it can be restored if needed. 
  • Only events with no tickets sold can be deleted.
  • Deleted events will block the ability for a new Event Instance from the same template from being created for that date and time to ensure that updated made to that template don't create a new instance in place of a previously deleted event. 
  • If availability changes, deleted events can be restored to the active Events List and offered for sale again.


  • Cancelling an event will permanently remove it from sale; this action cannot be undone
  • If an event has tickets sold, it can be canceled. The tickets and orders will not be returned or refunded, allowing you to rebook or refund as your policy allows.
  • Canceled events will not block the template from creating a new instance for that date and time.

Canceling an Event

To cancel an event in ACME you may do so by going to Backoffice and selecting  Events > Events List. 

Once in the Events List, you can find the Event you wish to cancel by scrolling through the events list or searching by Event name in the search bar at the top of the screen. 

Once you find the Event you wish to cancel, click the icon that appears as a circle with the “/” through it located under the “CANCEL” column. (see below)

Once you select the icon to cancel your event, you will get a prompt asking if you are sure you want to cancel this event. The prompt will also give you the option to notify anyone who purchased tickets into this event, that it was canceled. (see below)

If you wish to notify those who purchased tickets into this event, select the option to “Send a cancellation notification email to all buyers”. A cancellation message can be included in the email in the following ways:

  • If you have configured a cancellation message on the Event Template and want this message to send, do not enter a custom message when canceling. The message from the Event Template will be included in the email.
  • Otherwise, enter a custom message if desired and this will be sent in the confirmation email.

Once you are ready to proceed select “Cancel Event”. 

The event will now appear highlighted in red in the Events List before disappearing from the Active Events List, and users will be blocked from selling tickets into this Event. Once an Event is canceled, you cannot restore the Event, you must create a new one. You can see cancelled events from any day by changing the status above the events list from "Active" to "Canceled".

*Please Note: Unlike a deleted Event, if an event is cancelled, you can still create a new event for the same time slot by creating a new schedule. 

Orders with tickets for Canceled Events

Orders that contain tickets to a Canceled event will call out any events that are canceled.

Tickets to canceled events can be rebooked to a different date or refunded at your discretion.