In the event that you are testing something in one of the sandboxes and you would like to test things out on a Point of Sale (POS), you can log any POS terminal into a sandbox to place test POS orders into that environment.

Logging into a Sandbox on the POS

  1. Open the ACME Sales app to see the normal login screen.

  2. Using two fingers simultaneously placed on the A and E in the logo, tap three times to open the full log in menu.

  3. In the lower left hand corner, change the environment wheel from "Prod" to "Sand", and then choose the number representing the sandbox environment you would like to test in. This will most Likely be Sand10.

  4. Enter your username and password from that environment, which will be the same as your production credentials, unless you were newly added to the test environment.

  5. Fill in your tenant ID and a terminal ID, as configured in Back Office. We recommend you use a specific terminal ID for testing, to ensure that test orders are clearly identified in the system.

  6. Click "Login" to sign into the sandbox environment on the iPad.

Tips and Tricks

  • We strongly recommend using a device that is not regularly used for Production sales for testing. If you are using a device that is generally used by staff to place orders in Production, we recommend switching it back to Production at the end of testing to ensure that it is ready for the next person. When you are done with your testing, logout and then open the full login menu to change the iPad back to Prod, re-enter the tenant ID and the correct Terminal ID for Production use, and fully login to Production to ensure that those settings are saved.

  • In the event that a new POS feature is released, then a new POS Sandbox app  version will be available to download in order to preview those new features. We always recommend downloading the POS Sandbox app only when there are new features that you are previewing, and only downloading it to the device(s) that are being used to test. Once your testing is complete, we recommend deleting the app to prevent staff from accidentally using the Sandbox app for normal business. Since the Sandbox app is a preview, it is not always up-to-date with the Production code and important changes may have been made to the code between the preview and the release.

  • If you regularly use a specific device to test things in a sandbox environment, you can click "Save User" after step 5 above, to allow for quicker sandbox login. After a user has been saved, you will still need to complete steps 1-3, but after selecting the correct sandbox, the most recently used saved user profile will automatically display. Additional users can be loaded by tapping "Select User". Once saved, user profiles can be deleted by holding down that entry on the "Select User" menu and dragging it to the left.