To assign resources to an existing Resource Request, login to ACME Back Office and navigate to Events > Events List. Find the Event that you need to add a Resource to by selecting the calendar day or typing the name of the Event into the Search bar. Once you find the Event, select View on the far left (see below).

Once the Event Opens, select the Resources tab. This will open a list of all the Resources needed, with their current assignment if already assigned.

Select Assign next to the Event that you wish to assign a Resource. (see below)

Note: You can also see all resource requests and assignments by navigating to Resources › Assignments. Filter or search as needed, then select Assign next to the Event that you wish to assign a Resource (see below).

The Resources portal will open and show you a list of all available Resources that match the required criteria.

Note: To see ALL Resources, not just those that are a match, you can deselect the "Match" and "Available" checkboxes at the top of the screen.

To proceed with assigning a Resource, select the Resource and then select the blue Done button at the bottom of the screen. This will bring you back to the previous page where you can see that the resource has been assigned to this event instance. Your changes will automatically be saved.