Many tables in ACME Back Office can be adjusted by a user to customize the columns that appear or are hidden, and the order in which they are displayed. These settings can be saved so whenever that particular user logs in, they will see the same layout on the tables they have customized.

Any table in ACME Back Office that has a "hamburger" menu (three horizontal bars in the top right corner) can be customized.

Some commonly used tables with this capability are:

  1. Events List
  2. Templates List
  3. Orders List
  4. Order Details › Transactions Tab List
  5. Resource Assignments List
  6. Members List
  7. Organizations List
  8. Reports List

How to Customize a Table Layout

  1. Login to ACME Back Office and navigate to a screen with a customizable table.
  2. Choose visible columns: Click on the hamburger menu to add or remove available columns, as desired.
  3. Rearrange: Drag the columns into the order you want them to display, as desired.
  4. Resize: Hover over the right side of a column until cursor changes, then drag to resize 
  5. Save: Locate your name, displayed at the bottom of the left hand navigation rail, and click there. Be sure to click your name and not "Log Out" which is located below. This will save the adjustments you just made.
  6. Return to the screen you customized, and it will now display the new layout.