When assigning a resource, if you find that resources are not showing as available when you think they should, check the Available and Unavailable hours configured for the resource.

Editing Resource Availability

  • Go to Resources
  • Select People, Places, or Equipment
  • Tap View for the desired resource
  • Tap Edit
  • Scroll down to look at the Availability section

Available hours

The most common issue is if only a start date is provided (e.g. 1/14/2020). In this case, the system will assume a single day, and it will only be available that day, making in unavailable all other days. 

Alternate Options

  1. Remove all configurations for ‘Available’ hours so that there are none set. When no Available hours are set, the resource will appear available for all days. This is the default for all new resources added.
  2. Provide a date range for the ‘Available’ hours (e.g. 1/14/2020 – 12/19/2020). All of these days will show as available except when there is an ‘Unavailable’ date specified.

Unavailable hours

Set unavailable hours to track days off for people, room closures due to construction, or equipment undergoing repair. When unavailable hours are set, this will take priority.


A room is available anytime, except for the weekend of July 4th due to construction. 

To configure:

  1. Do not specify any available hours
  2. Add Unavailable and set an Unavailable time for the week of the 4th of July.