Text variables for your ACME Online Checkout website are set in ACME Backoffice under Theme>Website>Text variables. These CSS variables allow you to customize the language displayed on the ACME Online Checkout website. HTML formatting can be used in conjunction with these CSS variables to allow you to further enhance and style this text.

Below we have included some common scenarios and examples of the HTML needed.


Text Formatting

Base Command
Formatted Example


This is <b>Bold</b> TextThis is Bold Text
Italic<i>This is <i>Italic</i> TextThis is Italic Text
Underline<u>This is <u>Underlined</u> TextThis is Underlined Text
Font Color<font color=#HEX>This is <font color=#E25041>Colored</font> FontThis is Colored Font
Font Size<font size=#px><font size=18px>Larger Font</font>
<font size=10px>Smaller Font</font>
Larger Font
Smaller Font
Font Weight<font weight=###>This is <font weight=100>Thin</font> Text
This is <font weight=400>Regular</font> Text
This is <font weight=700>Bold</font> Text
This is <font weight=900>Black</font> Text
Subscript<sub>This is <sub>Subscript</sub> TextThis is Subscript Text


This is <sup>Superscript</sup> TextThis is Superscript Text
"Quotes"<q><q>Short quote without paragraphs</q>"Short quote without paragraphs"

Layout Formatting

<br> - line break

<p> </p> - start and end a paragraph, with padding in between paragraphs

Embedding Content

Whenever using content in the Theme that has quotes, be sure to use a \ before every quote to keep the JSON valid. The below examples have been formatted with the \ in place for use in the Theme variables. You can also use these examples in other HTML enabled fields, like event template email confirmations, however, the \ should be removed in those areas.

<a href=\"www.url.com\" target=\"_self\">View more info</a> 

This inserts a link where "View more info" is the link text. Will open in the same tab.

  • <a href="www.url.com" target="_self">View more info</a>
    Use formatting like this to use in a non-Theme HTML field, like event template email confirmations

<a href=\"www.url.com\" target=\"_blank\">View more info</a>
In this example, the link will open in a new tab (aka blank target)

Embed a Photo

Embed a Video

Get the embed code from where your video is hosted (e.g. Vimeo or YouTube) and paste it in. Add a \ before every quote for use in the Theme.

<iframe src=\"https://player.vimeo.com/video/337876567\" width=\"640\" height=\"360\" frameborder=\"0\" allow=\"autoplay; fullscreen\" allowfullscreen></iframe>


If you want to explore more advanced HTML options, we have found the following resources helpful: