To create a timed-entry event you need to create a "standard" schedule on your event template. 

Navigate to Events > Templates and select Edit on the template you wish to use for timed-entry.

Once the template is open, select the Schedules & Resourcing tab. Select the admission type as Standard.



Next, select Add New next to Published Schedules. 

Next, set the days of occurrence, effective date, capacity (this is per occurrence), duration, and the start time of each occurrence. Once all this information is filled out, select the blue Save & Continue button. 

This will bring you to the pricing tab for this specific schedule. It is an option to set specific pricing for each schedule. If the pre-loaded price list is correct, select Save & Close

You have now successfully created a time-entry schedule. To edit any information on this schedule, select the "Edit" button next to the schedule you wish to edit.