Text variables

  1. Event text variables

    1. Events List

    2. Events List (Member logged in)

    3. Events Detail

    4. Events Calendar Page

    5. Event-Specific Calendar

    6. Forms

  2. Cart & Checkout text variables

    1. Cart

    2. Cart (Member logged in)

    3. Dynamic Member variables

    4. Cart Upsells

    5. Checkout Header

    6. Checkout Coupons

    7. Checkout Terms and Conditions

    8. Checkout Confirmation

  3. Donation text variables

    1. Donations Tile on Cart Page

    2. Donations Standalone Page

  4. Membership text variables

    1. Join Page (All Memberships)

    2. Switch to view base or auxiliary memberships

    3. Auxiliary Join

    4. Auxiliary Cart (No Base Membership)

    5. Membership Verification

    6. My Membership

    7. My Membership - Renew

    8. My Membership - Upgrade Options

    9. My Membership - Pending Membership

Updating the ACME Theme

Text variables are configured in ACME Back Office under the Theme > Website > Text Variables section. Access to view the Theme, and to edit and save changes to the theme are controlled separately by RBAC permissions. Please note that updates made to the Theme in your Production environment can take up to 30 minutes to display online.

All Text Variables

Basic event variables

  "events-page-heading": "Events (EL-1)",

  "events-page-description": "Longer description of the events page (EL-2).",

  "events-list-page-membership-join-heading": "Membership join heading (EL-3)",

  "events-list-page-membership-join-caption": "Events list page membership join caption (EL-4)",

  "events-list-page-membership-heading": "Thank you for being a member! (EL-6)",

  "events-list-page-membership-caption": "Event prices will reflect applicable membership benefits. (EL-7)",

  "events-button-tickets": "TICKETS (EL-5)",

  "orders-calendar-page-heading": "When would you like to visit? (EC-1)",

  "orders-calendar-page-description-MARKUP": "We are open 365 days a year. Select a date for your purchase (EC-2).",

  "orders-page-heading": "Heading for the cart page (Cart-1)",

  "orders-page-description": "Select your options below. (Cart-2)", 

  "membership-prompt-header-orders-page": "Members: <a href=\"https://buy.acmeticketing.com/auth/{tenantid}/members?ref=%2Forders%2F{tenantid}%2Ftickets\” target=\"_self\">Verify your membership</a> to receive free admission. (HTML) (Mem-Dynamic-1)",
  "membership-prompt-footer-orders-page": "Members: Don't forget to <a href=\"https://buy.acmeticketing.com/auth/{tenantid}/members?ref=%2Forders%2F{tenantid}%2Ftickets\” target=\"_self\">verify your membership</a> or <a href=\"https://buy.acmeticketing.com/membership/{tenantid}/join\" target=\"_self\">join now</a> to receive free admission.(HTML) (Mem-Dynamic-2)",

  "membership-verified-active-orders-page": "Thank you for being a member! (HTML) (Mem-Dynamic-3)",

  "membership-verified-expired-orders-page": "Your membership has expired. <a href=\"https://buy.acmeticketing.com/membership/{tenantid}/renew\" target=\"_self\">Renew today</a> to keep receiving your benefits. (HTML) (Mem-Dynamic-4)",

  "orders-tickets-page-upsells-heading": "Also Happening (Cart-3)",

  "orders-tickets-page-upsells-caption": "Other events you may be interested in: (Cart-4)",

  "event-limit-exceeded-title": "Limit exceeded (Cart-Mbr-1)",

  "event-discounted-price-title": "Discount price (Cart-Mbr-2)",

  "event-retail-price-title": "Regular price (Cart-Mbr-3)",

  "order-limit-exceeded-title": "Ticket Limit per order",


Basic membership variables

  "membership-join-page-heading": "MEMBERSHIPS (Mbr-1)",

  "membership-join-page-description": "Place your membership language here (Mbr-2)",

  "membership-detail-page-heading": "",
"membership-detail-page-description": "",

  "membership-profile-page-heading": "My Membership (Mbr-3)",

  "membership-profile-page-description": "Now you’re logged in! (Mbr-4)",

  "membership-profile-banner-heading": "Membership Information (Mbr-5)",

  "membership-profile-banner-caption": "Call us for more information (Mbr-6)",

  "membership-renew-page-heading": "Renew Membership (Mbr-7)",

  "membership-renew-page-description": "Renew membership page description (Mbr-8)",

  "membership-upgrade-page-heading": "Upgrade Your Membership (Mbr-9)",

  "membership-upgrade-page-description": "Describe your membership program (Mbr-10)",

  "membership-profile-banner-upgrade-heading": "Upgrade today for additional benefits (Mbr-11).",

  "membership-profile-banner-upgrade-caption": "Your current membership payment will apply towards the total (Mbr-12).",

  "membership-verification-page-heading": "Verify your membership (Mbr-15)",

  "membership-verification-page-description": "Use the form below to verify your membership (HTML) (Mbr-16)",

  "membership-verification-page-message-join": "Not yet a member? (HTML) (Mbr-17)",

  "membership-verification-page-button-join": "Join Now (Mbr-18)",

  "membership-verification-page-additional-message": "NEW Additional Message (HTML) (Mbr-19)",

  "membership-verification-page-footer": "NEW Footer (HTML) (Mbr-19)",

External membership variables

(Only required if your organization is importing memberships into ACME that originated in another system (following the initial seeding of active members during implementation). If this is true and your organization has disabled the administrative option Enable upgrades for memberships that originated outside of ACME, these variables will control what the member sees when verified into the My Membership section under View Upgrade Options)
  "membership-profile-banner-upgrade-disallowed-heading": "Please contact us to upgrade your membership (WL).",

  "membership-profile-banner-upgrade-disallowed-caption": "We are unable to process your upgrade online at this time. (WL).",

Auxiliary membership variables

(Only required if your organization is using Auxiliary Membership sales)

  "membership-aux-groups-title": "Auxiliary Groups (Aux-1)",

  "membership-join-tab-title-main": "Memberships (Mbr-13)",

  "membership-join-tab-title-aux": "Auxiliary Groups Other Tab (Aux-2)",

  "membership-join-aux-desc": "You must have a membership in order to purchase an Auxiliary group membership (Aux-3)",
  "membership-renew-error-msg": "You must have a valid membership to purchase. (Mbr-14)",

Basic donation variables

  "donation-subheading": "We appreciate any amount you can give (Donate-1)",

  "donation-description": "Donation description (HTML) (Donate-2)",

  "donation-recognition": "(Add optional text here) (Donate-3)",

  "donation-page-heading": "Donation Page Heading (Donate-4)",

  "donation-page-description": "More information about the impact of the donor's gift (Donate-5)",

  "donation-page-footer": "donation page footer (Donate-6)",

  "donation-button-submit": "Make Donation (Donate-7)",

  "membership-prompt-header-donation-page": "Members: <a href=\"https://buy.acmeticketing.com/auth/{tenantid}/members?ref=%2Forders%2F{tenantid}%2Ftickets\” target=\"_self\">Verify your membership</a> before donating. (HTML) (Donate-Dynamic-1)"

  "membership-prompt-footer-donation-page": "Members: Don't forget to <a href=\"https://buy.acmeticketing.com/auth/{tenantid}/members?ref=%2Forders%2F{tenantid}%2Ftickets\” target=\"_self\">verify your membership</a>. (HTML) (Donate-Dynamic-2)"

  "membership-verified-active-donation-page": "Thank you for being a member! (HTML) (Donate-Dynamic-3)"

  "membership-verified-expired-donation-page": "Your membership has expired. <a href=\"https://buy.acmeticketing.com/membership/{tenantid}/renew\" target=\"_self\">Renew today</a> to keep receiving your benefits. (HTML) (Donate-Dynamic-4)"

Checkout variables

  "checkout-process-page-heading": "Your order (Checkout-1)",

  "checkout-process-page-description": "More language about checkout (Checkout-2)",

  "checkout-process-coupon-code-heading": "Coupons (Checkout-3)",

  "checkout-process-coupon-code-message": "Have a coupon code? (Checkout-4)",

  "checkout-process-coupon-code-placeholder": "Promo code (Checkout-5)",

  "checkout-process-page-terms-MARKUP": "<p>List of important notes about orders placed online. HTML Allowed (Checkout-6)</p>",

  "checkout-confirm-page-heading": "Order confirmation (Confirm-1)",

  "checkout-confirm-page-description": "Thanks for your purchase (Confirm-2)",

  "checkout-confirm-message": "Thank you for your purchase, an email will be sent to you confirming your purchase (Confirm-3).",

  "checkout-confirm-return-text": "Link description text (Confirm-4)",

  "checkout-confirm-return-link": "A link back to your website (Confirm-5)",

  "checkout-process-recaptcha-message": "Your order cannot be completed at this time. Please call us for assistance. (WL)",

Google Analytics variables

(Only required if your organization would like to track performance through Google Analytics)

  "google-analytics-tracking-code": "",

  "google-analytics-tracking-code-test": "",

  "gtm-tracking-code": "",

  "gtm-tracking-code-test": "",

Administrative options

  "header-hide-login": "true", [hides the My Orders link in the header navigation]

  "membership-verification-email-only": "false", [if set to TRUE this removes the ability for members to log in with their membership number and only provides email address as the option]

  "privacy-policy-description": "Some HTML or regular text.(WL)" [this adds custom text to the top of the ACME Privacy Policy page. A link to the Privacy Policy appears in the footer of all e-commerce pages]

"show-add-more-button": "true", [If set to false, the add more button is removed from all checkout flows]

Event combo variables

(Only required if your organization is using online event combos)

  "orders-combo-page-heading": "Add events to your combo (WL)",

  "orders-combo-page-description": "Choose which events you would like to add to your combo (WL)",

  "events-page-combo-deals-heading": "Name this section (WL)",

  "events-button-combos": "RESERVE (WL)",