Events on the ACME eCommerce Page

Events are displayed on the ACME eCommerce Events list, and guests can navigate to a number of pages from there. Deep-linking allows you to skip the Events list and have guests start from one of the detail pages, which may skip some of the below variables. Guests can still see the skipped pages if they add more items to their cart before checking out. After tickets are selected, guests will then go through the checkout pages. Cart & Checkout variables are documented here, or  see all the eCommerce variables here.

Events List{tenantid}/list

Text Variables

  "events-page-heading": "Events",

  "events-page-description": "View our ticketed programs and events below.",

  "events-list-page-membership-join-heading": "Become a Member",

  "events-list-page-membership-join-caption": "Members get free admission and early access to special exhibitions, discounts, and more.",

  "events-button-tickets": "RESERVE",

Other Variables

Text Variable





Hides the “My Orders” link in the upper header-nav line



Shows the “My Orders” link in the upper header-nav line

Events List (Member logged in)

Text Variables

  "events-list-page-membership-heading": "Thank you for being a member!",

  "events-list-page-membership-caption": "Event prices will reflect applicable membership benefits.",

Events Detail{tenantid}/detail/{eventid}

Text Variables

  "events-page-heading": "Events (EL-1)",

  "events-button-tickets": "RESERVE",

Note these are the same Text Variables as those that appear on the Event List page.

Events Calendar Page{tenantid}/calendar{tenantid}/calendar?eventId={eventid}&cart - event specific calendar

Text Variables

 "orders-calendar-page-heading": "When would you like to visit?",

 "orders-calendar-page-description-MARKUP": "Please select a date below.",