Memberships on the ACME eCommerce Page

Membership variables control the text guests see when viewing options to Join, when they verify their existing membership to reserve member tickets or to select a renewal option. After a membership purchase (new or renewal) is selected, guests will then go through the checkout pages. Cart & Checkout variables are documented here, or see all the eCommerce variables.

Join Page (All Memberships){tenantid}/join

Text Variables

  "membership-join-page-heading": "MEMBERSHIPS (Mbr-1)",

  "membership-join-page-description": "Place your membership language here (Mbr-2)",

  "membership-join-tab-title-aux": "Auxiliary Groups Other Tab (Aux-2)",

  "membership-join-tab-title-main": "Memberships (Mbr-13)",

Switch to view base or auxiliary memberships

This navigation bar, and Auxiliary related variables, will only appear if your organization has implemented Auxiliary Memberships. 

Auxiliary Join

This page is accessible by navigating to the main membership join page and clicking the Auxiliary tab. 

Text Variables

 "membership-join-aux-desc": "You must have a membership in order to purchase an Auxiliary group membership (Aux-3)",

Auxiliary Join (Level Selected)

After selecting the Auxiliary level from the main Auxiliary Membership list page, the user will be prompted to select the Offer. If the purchaser has not verified as a current member an error message will appear. 

Text Variables

 "membership-renew-error-msg": "You must have a valid membership to purchase. (Mbr-14)",

Membership Level Detail Page

After clicking into a membership level to "View All Benefits", the Membership Detail page can include a generic header and sub header that will display above any level that has been selected.

"membership-process-page-heading": "Membership Level detail page Heading (MemLvl-1)"
"membership-process-page-description": "Membership Level detail page sub-heading (MemLvl-2)"

Membership Verification{tenantid}/members

Text Variables

"membership-verification-page-heading": "Verify your membership (Mbr-15)",

"membership-verification-page-description": "Use the form below to verify your membership (HTML) (Mbr-16)",

"membership-verification-page-message-join": "Not yet a member? (HTML) (Mbr-17)",

"membership-verification-page-button-join": "Join Now (Mbr-18)",

"membership-verification-page-additional-message": "Additional Message (HTML) (Mbr-19)",

"membership-verification-page-footer": "Footer (HTML) (Mbr-20)",

Other Variables

Text Variable





Shows the “Verify with your membership ID” link (as pictured above)



Hides the “Verify with your membership ID” link (as pictured below)

My Membership{tenantid}/profile?membershipId={memberid}

Text Variables

  "membership-profile-page-heading": "My Membership (Mbr-3)",

  "membership-profile-page-description": "Now you’re logged in! (Mbr-4)",

  "membership-profile-banner-heading": "Membership Information (Mbr-5)",

  "membership-profile-banner-caption": "Call us for more information (Mbr-6)",

  "membership-aux-groups-title": "Auxiliary Groups (Aux-1)",

My Membership - Renew

Text Variables

  "membership-renew-page-heading": "Renew Membership (Mbr-7)",

  "membership-renew-page-description": "Renew membership page description (Mbr-8)",

My Membership - Upgrade Options

Text Variables

  "membership-upgrade-page-heading": "Upgrade Your Membership (Mbr-9)",

  "membership-upgrade-page-description": "Describe your membership program (Mbr-10)",

  "membership-profile-banner-upgrade-heading": "Upgrade today for additional benefits (Mbr-11).",

  "membership-profile-banner-upgrade-caption": "Your current membership payment will apply towards the total (Mbr-12).",

My Membership - Pending Membership

These variables only apply for venues with Membership Rules configured where a Renewal has the Benefits Start: "The day after the expiration of the customer's Current Term" (aka a renewal will generate a 'pending/new' membership)

In that case, if that member verifies and goes to My Membership, they will see a message 'Already Renewed until <date>' and a link to 'View Details'. When you click that link, you will see the 'pending/new' membership and the page title and description are from these two variables.

Text Variables

  "membership-renew-detail-page-heading": "Renew Detail Membership (WL)",

  "membership-renew-detail-page-description": "Renew Detail (WL)",