ACME Access Control allows your users and visitors to scan a barcoded ticket for validation and attendance counting. With the correctly configured hardware, venues can set up a contactless Access Control point to minimize physical interaction between your ticket scanner and patrons.

Required Hardware:

  • Apple iOS device running IOS 14 or later. ACME Recommends an iPod Touch 7th Gen or iPhone for the best experience
  • Socket scanner S740 2D barcode scanner
  • Socket Mobile's stand for the S740 including any of these items

Setting Up

  1. Configure the Socket scanner for iOS/Application Mode and Automatic Scanning mode. Further instructions for this step can be found in the Socket Mobile Programming Guide
  2. Open the IOS device's bluetooth menu and pair your iOS device and Socket scanner. Note: We recommend pairing your devices one station at a time to ensure that the correct scanners and iOS devices are paired.
  3. Place the Socket scanner in the charging dock to activate Automatic Scanning mode.
  4. Open ACME AC on your iOS device and log in. 

Now any of your patrons can walk up to your Socket scanner to self-scan their ticket or membership card without needing to press any buttons or exchange any physical materials. Your Access Control clerk should stand nearby with their iOS device to validate entires, look up orders, and assist any patrons as needed.