Due to unexpected circumstances, you may need to end an event schedule early or temporarily halt sales. Here are some best practices depending on your use case:

  1. Turn off all Sales Channels on an event schedule. This will block sales on all channels except for Back Office. This is recommended if you wish to halt sales but wish to leave the events scheduled as they are.

  2. Delete the schedule. This will remove any future event instances that have not been sold and suspend any events that have tickets booked already. This is recommended if you wish to remove the events and do not anticipate using this schedule again in the future.

  3. Edit the schedule and change the end date to tomorrow*. Any remaining events for today and tomorrow can be deleted or cancelled on the Event List. This is recommenced if you want to halt sales and remove the events from all channels on a temporary basis.

When changing the schedule end date, you must select tomorrow or later for the schedule change to be considered valid. Do not back date the End Date to a date in the past.