11.5.0 Release 

Production Release Date: June 23, 2020

Platforms: B2B, B2C, POS

Release Type:  Minor

Downtime: None

Environments for Testing: Sandbox 10


Sales Channel Control by Event Instance

You can now control which sales channels are available on each event instance, by navigating to the specific event and clicking "Edit". Ee have added the sales channels list on the Schedule tab so you can toggle them on and off as you desire. This is most commonly used in cases where you want to turn on/off sales for an event at a specific date and time without impacting other events on your schedule. You can now turn off Web sales for today's event without impacting tomorrow's event, for example. 

Suspended events summary

Suspended Events

  • We are bringing you more control when editing already live schedules. We know that this is a time when a lot is up in the air in terms of how you will plan your admission schedules - from capacity to duration. This release will allow you to have even more flexibility when changing already live time slots, in particular when orders have already been placed for future dates.
  • For example: if you have an hourly admission schedule, running at the top of every hour, and have had these events on sale for a week. After a week, you realize you need to remove one of the time slots; however, you have already sold tickets into that time slot. You can now:
    • Remove the time slot from the schedule and re-publish.
    • Events that did not have ticket sales against them will be removed from your sales channels.
    • Events that did have ticket sales against them will be flagged as "suspended" and removed from Web and Point of Sale sales channels.  
    • This will allow you to easily isolate these instances and orders and choose your next steps - for example: rebook the orders and cancel the event, or turn the sales channel(s) back on if enough people have booked a specific instance.
  • On the Events List in Back Office, the suspended events with have a yellow triangle warning sign
     in the "TYPE" column: Suspended Event

  • To find all of the suspended events you can filter for them in the event list in the "Status" drop down. By default they will always be shown in the Active view.  

  • Or you can also filter on the calendar view to see an entire month's worth of suspended events at once. (Don't forget to click "Search" after filtering on this view, as the behavior is different than filtering on the events list.)

  • We have added other alerts and indicators across the platform that will help you understand when you have a suspended event:
    • On the events list
    • On the event instance page (view and edit mode)
    • On the order details page
    • When adding tickets to an order for a suspended event in Back Office or Point of Sale

Other things to know about Suspended Events:

  • Since the master schedule was either edited or deleted to create suspended events, re-linking to the template will not work for all fields. Same applies to publishing updates at the template level - fields at the schedule level will not all flow down to suspended events. Please treat these events as de-linked from the schedule and handle them accordingly.
  • Suspended events can be created in a number of ways when events have already been on sale, such as:  
    • Changing the admission type between GA and Standard
    • Editing a time slot (ie changing it from 2:00 to 2:30)
    • Removing a time slot (ie removing the 5:00 time)
    • Removing a day of the week
    • Shortening the schedule end date
  • If you try to sell tickets in Back Office to a Suspended event, the user will receive an alert letting them know the event is Suspended and asking if they want to continue. 
  • If you try to add tickets to an order for a Suspended event in Order Management at POS or Back Office, we will also alert the user and confirm that they want to continue.

Donation Only Email Confirmation

We have enhanced our new Donation Only email confirmation to bring new dynamic variables for you to use. You can now configure any of the following into the "email-confirmation-intro-message-donation-only" white label field. Note: when configuring the email to use any of these values, please consider how the message will display if any may have a blank value (e.g. no campaign associated with a donation.

  • $donation.fundName
  • $donation.amount
  • $donation.campaignName
  • $donation.appealName

As a reminder, here is the email with the white label variable names called out:

Other Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Performance optimizations:  In order to ensure the online website performs well under heavy traffic surges, we have made some changes to how long our pages are cached (how long it takes updates to make it to the website).  This cache time frame is subject to change as we analyze performance data and make improvements, and we will send out additional communication if things change in a meaningful way.  At this time, here is a summary of what is cached and for how long:

  • Theme data (css variables, and text and links) = Will take up to 35 minutes for these changes to appear online.  30 minutes on our CDN and 5 minutes on a user's browser.
  • Event data (schedule, pricing and inventory data) = Will take up to up to 15 minutes for these changes to appear online.  10 minutes on the CDN and 5 minutes on a user's browser.
  • Donation page data (content displayed on the donation page) = Will take up to 35 minutes for these change to appear online. 30 minutes on the CDN and 5 minutes on a user's browser.  
  • Add on data = Will take up to 35 minutes for these change to appear online. 30 minutes on the CDN and 5 minutes on a user's browser.  

Note:  For developers the caching above does not apply.  In the future we will be reaching out regarding a change that we will want to put in place to update the url structure to include the tenant ID.

Ticket Analytics Report: We have enhanced the Ticket Analytics report to include the Acme Membership Number and the External Membership ID when scanning a ticket that was purchased by a member.  Note:  the data will be populated from release date going forward.  

Membership Discounts on Event Templates: We have fixed a bug which was causing membership discounts to be removed from templates when clicking around too quickly, before the discounts finished loading.

Custom Fields: We have fixed an issue where custom field values on a template were sometimes not saving after navigating away from a template.

Google Analytics: We have fixed an issue where Google Analytics data was not correctly flowing through from the online site as of the evening on June 17th. 

"Sold Out" copy online:  We have updated the hard coded copy that appears online when tickets are not available in order to be more general, from "This event is sold out." to "Tickets are currently unavailable."


Reminder! Sand10 last got a refresh with production data in April and it will be getting a new refresh of production data on June 26th, 2020.  Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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