With the addition of the ACME hosted Donation landing pages, you may see more orders that only include a donation and not other items, like tickets or a membership. With the ACME 11.4.2 release, you can now customize a confirmation email for those orders that only include a donation. When configured, this confirmation language will send out for online orders originating from any donation landing page which contain only a donation.

How it Works

These variables allow you to configure text that will send for eCommerce (B2C) orders placed with a donation only, allowing you to message specifically in response to the donation received. Any orders that include Events or Memberships in addition to a donation will trigger the standard Order Confirmation Email. 

Please note: "Resend order confirmation" from Backoffice (B2B) will always send the standard Order Confirmation email.


Two new Email Variables can be configured in the Theme section of Backoffice (B2B).

  • "email-confirmation-subject-line-donation-only"
    • Subject line of the email
    • Default: "Thank you for supporting $tenantName"
  • "email-confirmation-intro-message-donation-only"

You can use the following mapped fields in the configured text for these variables to display any of the following:

Mapped Field



Company Name configured in Settings>Company Profile


First and Last name of the billing contact


First name of the order contact


Last name of the order contact


The amount of the donation made


The fund that was associated with the donation, if any*


The campaign that was associated with the donation, if any*


The appeal that was associated with the donation, if any*

Note: The order contact and the billing contact will always be the same for Online orders.

* When configuring the email to use any of these values, please consider how the message will display if any may have a blank value (e.g. no campaign associated with a donation).


To add these new variables, navigate to the Theme section in Backoffice, and open the Email tab. Add these new variables along with the text you want to configure with any desired HTML formatting. We recommend testing this out in a Sandbox to ensure that the emails display the way you want before adding the configuration to your Production Theme.

A few additional things of note:

  • email-confirmation-intro-message-1: This text applies to all emails: both the Donation-only Email and the Order Confirmation Email. 
    • If you want to have different salutations for donation orders vs other orders or have an image display above the salutation for a donation order, leave this variable blank and include the salutation for donation only orders in "email-confirmation-intro-message-donation-only" and the salutation for other orders in "email-confirmation-intro-message-2".
  • b2c-custom-header and b2c-custom-footer: If configured, both variables apply to all emails and will display on donation only emails.
  • The Donation Name and Description are displayed in the order. These can be edited in "Backoffice › Donations" and will take effect on all future donations.

Alternatively, you can configure this email to send via a Sendgrid integration; read more in the Order Confirmation (Donation only) Data Integration guide