11.7.0 Release

Production Release Date: August 11, 2020

Platforms: eCommerce, Back Office, POS, Access Control

Release Type: Minor

Downtime: None


Private Events in Back Office

Private Events can now be created prior to an event booking!

  • Helpful when needing to quickly pencil something in
  • Extremely beneficial when needing to first confirm when resources are available before committing to a date and time.

Look for the button "+ Private Events" on both the Events List and Events Calendar. The date will smartly default to the date you are currently viewing.

Quick Creation with Private Event Schedules
Templates must have a private event schedule, as this predefines all key information such as capacity, pricing, duration, recommended times, and resources (if applicable). This enables you and your staff to quickly create private events. Learn more about 
Private Event Schedules.

Scheduled and Custom Times
All times from the private event schedule are available for quick selection. 'Scheduled times' are great for your staff when you have recommended times for your private event. Need to make an exception? No worries. Simply switch to 'Custom Time'.

For those using resources, you will fall in love with this feature! You can now see if the needed resources are available prior to scheduling the event. In addition, you can select a resource and it will be automatically assigned when the private event is created. It's never been easier!

Booking a Private Event for Organizations or Individuals
Yes! You read that right. You can now also book a private event for an Individual. Once you've created the private event, it will display in the Events List. Like all other events, start the booking process by tapping the Create Event icon. Once added to the cart, you can choose to book as an Individual or Group order. (Note: Individual orders must pay in full to complete the reservation).

Membership Grace Period for Benefits on eCommerce (B2C)

You can now allow more leniency for your recently lapsed members!  

We have added the ability to define a "grace period" for expired members, where if their expiration date falls within the grace period, they can still receive benefits online.  In order to define the grace period number of days, simply navigate to Back Office → Settings → Administration and under the "Website (B2C)" tab you will find a new configuration option for "Number of days to allow benefits after a membership expires"

The default will be 0 days, which means as soon as a membership expires, the member will not receive any discounts.  For any members whose expiration date does fall within the grace period, they will continue to receive the discounts associated to their membership level.  Once their expiration date exceeds the grace period, they will not receive any discounts online.  

NOTE:  This is an online feature only, as Back Office and Point of Sale already have a toggle for "Allow Ticket Transaction on Expired Memberships" and the agent can decide how/when to allow benefits based on their expiration date.

Bug Fixes

AMEX Contactless for Ingenico Credit Card Readers

For those using Ingenico Credit Card devices, AMEX contactless is now supported.

In order to receive this fix, you must upgrade to ACME Sales 11.7.0.

  • Make sure the Ingenico IP Address is configured in the ACME Sales Configuration menu.
  • Once configured, the Ingenico reader will download the latest software. Upon completion, we recommend you restart the ACME Sales App for changes to fully take effect.

Apple Certificate Update

We updated the Apple iOS certificates for the ACME Sales POS and Access Control applications to keep them running on iOS devices. We do this to stay in compliance with Apple development requirements.

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