In the event that you make an update to a Price List, like adding a new ticket, editing the sales channels, or changing the display order, you will want to check the template to ensure that these updates flow through to your event template and to the schedules. In cases where a price list was modified when it was originally added to an event template, or modified on the schedule level, these updates will not flow through automatically, to ensure it doesn't overwrite a change that you had made previously.

Start by opening up the template using that price list and look at the pricing tab. If the price list was not edited when the template was originally built, the new updates will be visible. If so, proceed to check any active schedules on that template for the same update. Provided that they are also good to go, you're all set.

However, if at either point you don't see the updated display order, then it's time to use the "switch and save" method.
  1. On your template or schedule, select any other price list (doesn't matter which, since this is only for a moment) and click over to a new tab (or save and close the schedule). 
    • Don't click Publish yet! 
  2. Then go back to the pricing tab (or open the schedule and click on the Pricing tab) and select your correct price list again. 
  3. It should now be showing the updated display order. 
  4. You can now save the template (or save and close the schedule).
Once you have done this is all the necessary places you can publish the template which will make sure the web and other sales channels reflects the correct info.