Q: Why has my payment processor been changed from Vantiv Litle to WorldPay Express?

A: To ensure that your venue is able to take advantage of chip, contactless, and more secure digital payments, WorldPay, the parent company of Vantiv, is encouraging all sub-merchant accounts to move to this more secure and modern platform.

Q: Can I still refund or edit orders that occurred on the Vantiv platform before we switched to Express? 

A: Yes, you should still be able to make refunds or adjustments on these orders but please contact support@acmeticketing.com if you run into any problems. 

Q: Why am I getting an invalid account error message when I try to refund or adjust an order that was booked more than 45 days ago?

A: This is an error response returned from WorldPay Express as they can not longer recall this transaction after 45 days. See "Invalid Account" error when attempting a refund to learn how to issue a refund in these situations.

Q: Why am I getting a "23: duplicate" error on a repeat transaction?

A: The system is returning this error as a security measure because either the same payment or refund request was sent too many times in quick succession or the same credit card number was used for the same transaction amount twice in one day. This can be remedied in one of the following ways:

  • Use a different payment method when available
  • Temporarily change the value of the item by at least $.01
  • Attempt the second transaction again on the next business day