11.7.4  Release

Production Release Date: Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Platforms: Back Office, eCommerce

Release Type: Hotfix

Downtime: None


eCommerce (B2C) Dynamic Prompts for Members

eCommerce Cart page

You can now add customized and dynamic messaging to members on the ACME hosted eCommerce site. These messages can be added to the Cart page and the standalone Donations pages, prompting them to join and welcoming them with a personal message when they are verified.

Prompt to Verify or Join
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Verified Active Member
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Verified Expired Member
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To configure in Back Office, add these Text Variables in the Themes section:

New Text VariablesBenefitExample
Prompt to Verify or Join (Header)membership-prompt-header-orders-pageEntice a member to verify their membership or a non-member to join."Members: Verify your membership to receive free admission. 

Not yet a member? Join now for free admission on tickets you buy today."

Prompt to Verify or Join (Footer)membership-prompt-footer-orders-pageRemind members to verify their membership if they have not yet."Members: Don’t forget to verify your membership to or join now to receive free admission.
Active Member (Header only)membership-verified-active-orders-pageSay something to an active member who is already verified.

"Thank you for being a member Jane!"

Expired Member
(Header only)
membership-verified-expired-orders-pageSay something to entice an expired member to renew

"Jane, your Individual membership is expired. Renew today to keep receiving your benefits."

eCommerce Donation page

In addition to the Cart page, we've enhanced the Donations page to support dynamic messaging for members. 

In Back Office, you can add the following Text Variables in the Themes section.

Text VariableBenefitExample
Prompt to Verify or Join (Header)membership-prompt-header-donation-pageEntice a member to verify their membership prior to donatingVerify your membership today to link your donation to your membership.
Prompt to Verify or Join (Footer)membership-prompt-footer-donation-pageRemind members to verify their membership if they have not yetDon't forget to verify your membership or support us by becoming a member today.
Active Member
(Header only)
membership-verified-active-donation-pageSay something to an active member who is already verifiedThank you Jane for being a Family member!
Expired Member (Header only)membership-verified-expired-donation-pageSay something to entice an expired member to renewWelcome back Jane. Your Family membership is expired. Renew today to keep receiving your benefits.

Configuring Dynamic Membership Text Variables

The new variables for both pages support the use of dynamic variables to reflect the personal information of the logged in member in any of the Active or Expired messages. They also have new CSS variables associated with them to make styling simple, in addition to supporting HTML for more advanced customizations. Please see the Configuring Dynamic Member Messages guide for all the important configuration information.

eCommerce (B2C) Performance Optimization

With this release, we have made some improvements in order to optimize the performance of our ACME hosted eCommerce website, especially in times of traffic spikes.  There are no changes to functionality with this update.

  • Membership Entitlements - we have optimized the performance of the checkout and entitlement validation apis related to membership entitlements verification as well as how the shopping cart makes the calls for membership entitlements on the eCommerce site
  • Calendar page - we have improved how the calendar page makes back end API calls from the browser
  • Shopping cart - we have improved how the shopping cart calls the server side by leveraging the browser's local storage to cache and therefore reduce the number of server calls. 

Bug Fixes

Events de-linking due to sale channels turned off

When creating a new schedule for an event and electing to turn off at least one sale channel resulted in every event instance appearing as being de-linked from the template. This was just a display issue, and the event instances were actually still linked to the template. This has now been fixed and events are not showing as de-linked when published with a sale channel turned off.

Additionally, for a schedule with a sale channel turned off, when attempting to turn the sale channel back on and re-publish, the change was not propagating to the event instances and each event instance had to be manually changed. This issue has now been fixed and turning on sale channels that were originally turned off upon initial schedule creation, are now functioning correctly.

New Knowledge Articles

Configuring Dynamic Member Messages

Note: To ensure Back Office updates are as seamless as possible, we recommend performing a hard refresh of your internet browser after a release is deployed. In some cases, you may also need to reset your browser's data cache including any saved cookies and related browsing data. Please contact support@acmeticketing.com if you experience any issues after a release.