Ticket Layouts control what is displayed on a printed or eTicket. Depending on your ticketing operations, you may have one or several ticket layouts for various events. For printed tickets, layouts are defined per printer model.


eTicket Layout

The most common ticket layout is the eTicket that is embedded in the purchaser's email confirmation when purchasing tickets to an event. ACME has a default eTicket layout, which is utilized if no additional layouts are configured. 

Default eTicket Layout

Epson Ticket Layouts

For occasional ticket printing, the Epson receipt printer can be used to print QR codes for tickets. This option allows you to have one printer to print receipts and tickets as needed. The Epson printer is also a more economical option than the Boca, with less upfront costs and lower maintenance and upkeep. ACME has a default Epson ticket layout, which is configured in Backoffice Theme > Tickets tab. Additional layouts can be added in Settings > Ticket Layouts.

Default Epson Layouts

Epson Programming Guide

BOCA FGL Layouts

If your organization utilizes a BOCA ticket printer, ticket layouts are configured using FGL (Friendly Ghost Language), Boca's industry standard language for formatting. BOCA tickets are on thicker, premium ticket stock that is ideal for souvenir tickets. 

Default FGL Layouts for BOCA Printers (200 DPI and 300 DPI)

Boca Systems - FGL Programming Guide

Zebra Ticket Layout

For organizations utilizing a portable Zebra printer for mobile sales, a standard layout is available for the Zebra iMZ320 model.

Zebra Ticket Layout

Zebra Manufacturer's CPCL Programming Guide