Global administration settings for the ACME Point of Sale can be found in Settings>Administration. 


Survey Frequency

This setting controls how often the Country/Zip Code survey pops up at the end of a POS transaction. If you would like to prompt the POS user for every sale, set this to 1. Please note that the survey is designed to collect either Zip Code or Country, and Country will not be saved if a Zip Code is collected. If a Zip Code is already present on the order when it is completed, the survey will not pop, to streamline the flow for staff.

The Zip Code or Country collected can be reported on in a Transactions Report in the "Zip Code" or "Country" fields. 

Note: You will also need to enable surveys for each POS terminal in the POS Configuration menu in the ACME Sales app.

Offline PIN

When logging into the ACME Sales app in Offline mode, the user will need to know the offline PIN to use as the password. Define and/or edit the PIN here, and make sure that the front line staff and/or managers know the PIN, in the event that your network is temporarily down.

For more information about ACME's Offline Mode, see How to: Using ACME Sales Offline.

Allow Ticket Transaction and Card Printing on Expired Memberships

At the POS, do you want staff to be able to sell member discounted tickets if a membership is lapsed? If you prefer a hard enforcement based on expiration date, set this to No. The lapsed member will need to renew in order to maintain their membership discount benefits. If set to Yes, the staff member can allow a member to obtain discounts without renewing the membership. 

See Enabling Back Office and POS Ticket Sales for Expired Members to update those settings.

Disable manage membership

This setting controls whether front line POS users can update membership information (such as a change of address). If your venue prefers that contact information updates are managed by the membership department directly in your membership CRM system such as Raiser's Edge or Salesforce, then set the Disable option to Yes. If set to No, then POS users can manage the membership and make edits.

Allow customer collection for free transactions

For ticketed events with $0, no payment is required. However, you can still collect customer data for these transactions at the POS if this is set to Yes. At the end of the transaction, the Order Contact information can be entered by the POS user.

Prompt for Organization Name when processing Vouchers

If completing a transaction with a payment method of Voucher, a prompt to select an issuing Organization for the voucher is based on this setting. If you require all voucher sales to be associated with an organization for reporting purposes, set this to Yes. (Note that this only works in online mode).