Note: This card reader is only available in the Canadian market areas. Please contact to learn more.

BBPOS WisePad 3

The WisePad 3 is the credit card reader that is supported by Stripe for the Canadian market. It connects to ACME Point of Sale application via Bluetooth connection.


How to Connect to your WisePad 3 Chip Card Reader


  • Make sure the reader is fully charged and plugged in and turned on.

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPad. (Note: you do not connect to the reader via the iOS Bluetooth menu, simply make sure that Bluetooth is on.)

First time connecting

  1. Have your WisePad turned on and nearby

  2. Sign in to ACME Sales, open the configuration menu and tap on Chip Card Reader

  3. Make sure the dial has Bluetooth selected. It should look like this: 

  4. Tap the “FIND DEVICES” button to search for WisePads that are nearby in Bluetooth range

  5. A list of nearby WisePad serial numbers will appear in the list

    1. Note: If you have more than one WisePad nearby, and you are unsure which serial number corresponds to which WisePad, you can find the serial number on the back of the WisePad (look for “S/N”)

  6. Tap on the Serial Number of the WisePad that you want to configure to the ACME Sales device. You will receive an iOS prompt to pair the device the first time you connect

  7. The WisePad will beep twice and you are now connected. You will see the WisePad serial number has been populated on the left side of the configuration menu, confirming your connection, and it is removed from the list on the right

Reconnecting to the WisePad 3

  • You should completely quit the ACME Sales app on a nightly basis. This ensures that you will connect seamlessly the next morning to the same WisePad. If you find that you are not connected when you should be simply quit the app completely (by swiping up on the app) and re-open it.

  • If you want to change the WisePad that is connected to the ACME Sales app, tap “DISCONNECT” and then “FIND DEVICES”.

Updating the WisePad 3

Periodically the WisePad may need to download required updates from Stripe, especially on your first time connecting the WisePad. The ACME Sales app will notify you when this occurs. Please leave the ACME Sales app open while the update processes. A loader will display in app to show you that it is downloading, and the WisePad will at times during the process show update messages as well.

Troubleshooting Tip: Updates should be quick, although at times for larger updates they may take upwards of 10 min. If you find that it is taking longer and the blue loading bar is not moving, try restarting the ACME Sales app and logging in again. This will trigger the update to begin again.

Please Note

  • If you are setting up more than one iPad/ACME Sales app, the readers that are not already connected to an ACME Sales app are the ones that appear in the list.

  • When the WisePad is not charged (i.e. under 10% of battery life) it won’t connect to ACME Sales. We recommend leaving the device plugged in at all times.

  • WisePads are connected to the iPad, so if you have different users logging in to the same iPad they can remain connected to the same WisePad.

  • If you see the Bluetooth logo blinking on the WisePad 3, the device is disconnected from an iPad.  Please force close the ACME POS app (swiping it up and off the screen from the open apps menu) and restart. Upon login you will be re-connected.