Membership records for your venue can be populated in ACME through one of our sales channels or via an Import from your Constituent Relationship Manager (CRM), such as Raiser's Edge. These records can be searched and viewed in ACME Back Office or the ACME Sales app.

Viewing Membership Records in Back Office

ACME Back Office users with sufficient permissions can search and and open Membership records by navigating to the Membership menu and selecting the Members sub-menu.

On the Membership search screen, users can search for members by the name on card value, first name, last name,  email, phone number, or Membership Number. Double click on any row or select the View button to open a record.

When viewing a Membership record, users can review the following data fields related to the Membership, broken into three sections:

  • Primary CardHolder Section
    • Name (Primary)
    • Mailing and Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • ACME Customer Number
    • ACME Barcode Number
    • External Barcode Number 
    • Constituent Import ID Number

  • Membership Details Section
    • Gift Status
    • Membership Standing
    • Join Date
    • Start Date (for the current term)
    • Expiration Date
    • ACME Membership Number
    • External Membership ID
    • Import ID
    • Membership Level and Offering
    • Named Card Holders on the Membership

  • Membership's Cardholder Section
    • A table of all cardholders associated with the membership including:
      • External Barcode
      • Name on Card value
      • Customer First Name
      • Customer Last Name
      • Card Type
      • Customer Mailing and Email Address
      • Customer Phone Number

Note: The Expiration Date is the only editable field in ACME Back Office. All other edits to the Member's record will need to occur in ACME Sales or through your CRM and get imported. ACME recommends editing the Expiration Date field through CRM and importing updates whenever possible to ensure your data stays synchronized. 

Viewing Membership Records in ACME Sales

ACME Point of Sales (POS) users with sufficient permissions can view and modify Membership records using the ACME Sales app by taking the following steps:

  1. From the Main POS screen, select the Indv. Members navigation button located at the top of the screen. (Note: The label for this button is editable and the name may vary for your venue.) You can use a Basic or Advanced Search to look up a record by Name, Address, Email, or ID Number.

  2. Record preview from your search result are displayed on the left-hand side. Select a record view the full record details.

  3. You can now view all of the the attributes related to this Membership Record similarly to Back Office.

  4. POS users can also edit, transact, or manage the membership record if needed. See Memberships in ACME Sales (POS)to learn more. 
    Note: ACME Sales (POS) is the only channel that will allow users to edit, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel a Membership record.