The Integrations tab in Settings>Administration is where global settings pertaining to CRM integration are defined. ACME can integrate with Salesforce and Raiser's Edge.

External System Integration

Select Raiser's Edge or Salesforce. This setting is likely already configured when your organization onboarded onto the ACME platform. If you do not use Raiser's Edge or Salesforce as your CRM system, this selection does not matter and the default settings is Raiser's Edge.

Enable External Notifications

This setting allows ACME to send real-time data to Salesforce as part of the ACME/Salesforce integration.

  • Toggle this to Yes to push changes through the integration for real-time sync.
  • Toggle this to No if you do not wish to activate the real-time sync, or if you do not have Salesforce as your CRM.

Enable upgrades for memberships that originated outside of ACME

If you perform a mid-term upgrade to a membership in ACME, the system calculates the price difference between the original membership and the upgraded level. If the original membership was sold outside of ACME, such as in a prior ticketing system or directly in your CRM system, then ACME can only assume that the original price paid matches the current price that is published for the level.

Toggle this setting to Yes to allow upgrades in ACME for memberships that were originally sold outside of ACME.

Toggle this to No if you do not want upgrades to be allowed for memberships that were originally sold outside of ACME. You will still be able to upgrade memberships that were sold in ACME. If you recently implemented a price overhaul of your membership program and prefer to handle mid-term upgrades in your CRM, then you may prefer to prevent upgrades for memberships in transition.

ACME recommends to configure one price point per membership offering. Upgrades to externally sourced memberships are limited to a single price point for calculating the amount due for the upgrade transaction.

Invalidate extraneous membership cards

When importing membership cardholders to ACME from your CRM system, the data from the import file is treated as the "latest" information about the membership. This setting controls whether existing membership cardholder data should be removed when a membership import contains more current information about cardholders.

  • Toggle this to Yes to have ACME remove all cardholders from the membership and replace with the import file cardholder data. This is optimal if you manage cardholder data in Raiser's Edge and want those changes to take precedence over ACME cardholder data. These changes may include swapping cardholder data, editing cardholder names, etc.
  • Toggle this to No to keep ACME cardholder data as-is and only update it if the cardholder data is referenced in the import file. This is best if you primarily manage membership cardholder data in ACME.