The Settings area of ACME Back Office is where many global configurations are defined.


My Profile

My Profile is where a user can edit their own details about their user account. Available functions including changing one's password, editing name, title, phone number, and defining preferences for the calendar and date/time formats.

If the user is a general user and not an email user, the password change is set by the ACME administrator at your organization. Refer to the knowledge article Adding Users to the ACME Platform to learn more about different user types.

The Enable Accessibility toggle controls support of accessibility standards for all tables in ACME backoffice, for those who may be using screen reader software, such as JAWS. This setting also controls whether ACME remembers which column you resized to be the widest. See the Configuring the My Profile Page guide for more.


Tip: To ensure the best user experience, ACME recommends to set Enable Accessibility to YES for all users. All future enhancements and bug fixes for tables and pagination will be in the accessible grid only.

Company Profile

The Company Profile is where global details about your organization are defined. See Company Profile knowledge article for more details on how to manage the settings on this page.


See Departments

Sale Terminals

Sale Terminals are the Point of Sale iPads used by staff to sell ACME items. This area is where you can define each terminal and associate it with a POS Configuration. See Creating Sales Terminal IDs for detailed steps to set up your sales devices.

POS Config

The POS Config controls the look and feel of your iPad point of sale terminal. This includes defining the sales tiles that appear on the screen. See POS Appearance Configuration for details.

Ticket Layouts

If you print tickets from your point of sale terminals, Ticket Layouts is where the defined ticket design is maintained. For more information, please refer to the following resources:

Pass Ranges

The Pass Ranges configuration feature is to allow visitors with pre-defined admission passes to enter your venue through Access Control scanning without a ticket. This feature was designed to accomodate external pass programs with numeric ranges. When a pass is presented at Access Control and scanned on an access control device, the pass is verified against the configured admission logic.

Note: Pass ranges do not create an ACME order or deplete from ticket inventory. It is simply a mechanism to allow a visitor with a pass to bypass the ticket desk and enter through an access control checkpoint. 

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are available on Event Templates to help categorize your events for reporting purposes. There are up to five custom fields available to configure. See Custom Fields for more information.


Administration Settings: Website (B2C)

Administration: Lock Event Templates from Editing

Administration Settings: Point of Sale (POS)

Access Control

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Administration Settings: Integrations

Import Export

See Import / Export Resource Center

Note: The Card Layouts and Configuration areas of Settings has been deprecated.