When exporting memberships from ACME to upload to your CRM system, a standard membership CSV file is generated from your export job. Below is a detailed list of all the exported fields and what to expect in the file contents.

For more information about how to run an export job, refer to How to: ACME Export for CRM integration.

Export Fields

Header name
Sample data
membership_membershipIdMembership ID. 
Generated by ACME for new memberships
membership_externalMembershipIdExternal Membership ID. 
Generated by ACME for new memberships; imported or updated from CRM for renewed memberships.
membership_membershipImportIdMembership Import ID. 
Generated by ACME for new memberships. Imported from CRM for renewed memberships.
update_sinceLast time the record was updated
12/10/20 9:01:00
update_typeDefines whether the data was Updated or driven by a Lifecycle actionU or L
timezoneTime zone associated with your tenantUS/Pacific
membership_programThe mapped membership program as defined in Raiser's Edge MappingsFriends Program
membership_categoryThe mapped membership category as defined in Raiser's Edge Mappings
membership_subcategoryThe mapped membership subcategory as defined in Raiser's Edge Mappings
1 Year
membership_membershipStartDateStart date of the current membership12/10/2020 0:00:00
membership_membershipExpirationDateExpiration date of the current membership 12/31/2021 23:59:00
membership_updatedTimestampLast time the membership was updated12/10/2020 0:00:00
membership_membershipStandingWill almost always be active since a membership transaction occurred.Values:
  • active
  • lapsed
membership_giftDefines whether the membership is a giftTRUE or FALSE
membership_buyerAddressCityBuyer's infoAnytown 
membership_buyerAddressCountryBuyer's info
United States


Buyer's info

membership_buyerAddressStateBuyer's info
membership_buyerAddressStreetAddress1Buyer's info
123 Main St
membership_buyerAddressStreetAddress2Buyer's info
Apt. 2B
membership_buyerAddressZipCodeBuyer's info
membership_buyerCustomerIdBuyer's info - Constituent ID

membership_buyerCustomerImportIdBuyer's info - Constituent Import ID

membership_buyerEmailBuyer's info - Constituent Email address

membership_buyerExternalCustomerIdBuyer's info
Will be blank if the buyer did not exist in ACME through a prior import from RE.

membership_buyerExternalIdBuyer's info

membership_buyerFirstNameBuyer's info - Constituent First Name

membership_buyerLastNameBuyer's info - Constituent Last Name

membership_buyerMiddleNameBuyer's info - Constituent Middle Name

membership_buyerPhoneNumberBuyer's info - Constituent Phone
cardholder_externalCustomerImportId_1Constituent Import ID Cardholder 1

cardholder_externalCustomerImportId_2Constituent Import ID Cardholder 2

membership_priceAmount of the membershipNumeric value
membership_pricePointIdUnique ID for the price point. 
Typically not needed in RE.
cardholder_type_1Indicates whether the cardholder is primary or secondary.primary
cardholder_type_2Indicates whether the cardholder is primary or secondary.secondary
cardholder_cardImportId_1Import ID of membership card (Cardholder 1)

cardholder_cardImportId_2Import ID of membership card (Cardholder 2)

cardholder_cardName_1Name on Card field (Cardholder 1)

cardholder_cardName_2Name on Card field (Cardholder 2)

cardholder_cardStanding_1The status of the membership card (Cardholder 1)active
cardholder_cardStanding_2The status of the membership card (Cardholder 2)active
customer_customerId_1_1Constituent ID 1
customer_customerId_2_1Constituent ID 2
customer_externalCustomerImportId_1_1Constituent Import ID 1
customer_externalCustomerImportId_2_1Constituent Import ID 2
customer_email_1_1Constituent's Information
customer_email_2_1Constituent's Information
customer_firstName_1_1Constituent's Information
customer_firstName_2_1Constituent's Information
customer_lastName_1_1Constituent's Information
customer_lastName_2_1Constituent's Information
customer_middleName_1_1Constituent's Information
customer_middleName_2_1Constituent's Information
customer_phoneNumber_1_1Constituent's Information
customer_phoneNumber_2_1Constituent's Information
customer_prefix_1_1Constituent's Information
customer_prefix_2_1Constituent's Information
customer_deceased_1_1Constituent's Information
customer_address_importId_1_1_1Constituent's Information
customer_address_importId_1_1_2Constituent's Information
customer_address_streetAddress1_1_1_1Constituent's Information
customer_address_streetAddress1_1_1_2Constituent's Information
customer_address_city_1_1_1Constituent's Information
customer_address_city_1_1_2Constituent's Information
customer_address_state_1_1_1Constituent's Information
customer_address_state_1_1_2Constituent's Information
customer_address_zipCode_1_1_1Constituent's Information
customer_address_zipCode_1_1_2Constituent's Information
customer_address_country_1_1_1Constituent's Information
customer_address_type_1_1_1Constituent's Information
customer_address_type_1_1_2Constituent's Information
transaction_id_1Unique ID for the ACME transaction
transaction_externalCustomerImportId_1Buyer's info - Constituent Import ID
to associate the transaction to the constituent

transaction_type_1Defines the lifecycle actionValues:
  • MembershipPurchase
  • MembershipUpgrade
  • MembershipDowngrade
  • MembershipRenewal
  • MembershipRenewalUpgrade
  • MembershipRenewalDowngrade
  • MembershipPostTermRenewal
  • MembershipPostTermRenewalUpgrade
  • MembershipPostTermRenewal Downgrade
  • MembershipRejoin
  • MembershipRejoinUpgrade
  • MembershipRejoinDowngrade
transaction_transactionDate_1Date of the transaction12/10/20 9:01:00
transaction_amountAfterDiscount_1Amount paid after discountNumeric value
transaction_discountedPrice_1Value of membership after discount
Numeric value
transaction_paymentMethod_1Payment method applied to the membership saleValues:
  • Cash
  • Check
  • CreditCard
  • Voucher
  • Interac Debit (for Canada venues only)
transaction_orderNumber_1ACME Order NumberNumeric value
transaction_saleChannel_1ACME Sales Channel for the membership saleValues:
  • Pos
  • Online
  • InsideSalesIndividual
transaction_orderNotes_1ACME Order notes captured at time of sale.Text
transaction_couponCode_1Coupon code applied to the purchaseBased on coupon codes configured with active membership levels
transaction_unitPrice_1Published price for the membership
Based on the configured price point of the published level & offering
transaction_transactionUserLogin_1ACME user who completed the membership saleBased on transaction user accounts
membership_membershipLevelNameACME membership levelBased on published membership levels
membership_membershipOfferingNameACME membership offeringBased on published membership offerings per level

Used for Auto Renew memberships. Date the subscription was last changed

07/01/2023 23:59:00
Used for Auto Renew memberships; displays the current status of the subscription. We recommend mapping this to a distinct membership field in your CRM and excluding active from your CRM exports.active,canceled,replaced
Used for Auto Renew memberships; displays the expiration date of the subscription card on file12/31/2023 23:59:00
Used for Auto Renew memberships; displays the last four digits of the subscription card on file
ex: 2009
Used for Auto Renew memberships; displays the brand of credit card for the subscription

Note: The above fields are documented for up to 2 cardholders. The file will contain additional columns for up to 6 cardholders, following the same field header naming convention (e.g. cardholder_cardName_1, cardholder_cardName2, cardholder_cardName3...)