When selling a new Membership in ACME Sales (POS), the user will have an opportunity to verify if a customer record already exists in the database. Using this feature, the user can review potential matches, compare them to the entered data, and make a determination if these records are truly duplicates or unique.

Note: Every time a new membership is purchased in ACME, a new customer record is created. This means that a member may have more than one customer record on file. This POS feature will check if a customer record already exists and associate the new membership being purchased to that existing record, preventing creation of a new one and reducing the number of duplicate customer records in your database. Contact support@acmeticketing.com if you have any questions regarding ACME Customer and Membership records. 

Reviewing Potential Duplicates

After selecting a membership and entering the card holder information into ACME Sales, the application will alert the user if potential duplicate customer records are found.

Select the MANAGE  button to review potential duplicate customer records The user will then be presented with a list of potential matches.

Press SELECT AND UPDATE next to the appropriate record to associate the new Membership purchase with this existing Customer record and data. Alternatively, the user can press NO DUPLICATES if they confirm that the new member does not have an existing Customer record in ACME. 

Important: If an existing Customer record is selected, any previously entered data on the membership details screen will not be saved. All data on the existing Customer record that is selected will be used to populate the Membership, including contact information.  

The user will then select DONE MANAGING DUPES as shown in the first image above and complete the checkout process.

Criteria Used for Duplicate Checking 

Once the user has entered the card holder details into the ACME Sales application, our software will search on specific criteria to look for potential duplicate customer records including:

  • The first 3 characters of First Name + the first 3 characters of Last Name
  • The first 2 characters of First Name + first 2 characters of Last Name + [part of Email or Phone Number or (State + City) or Zip Code]