The Verifone P400 Is a stationary EMV card reader that is compatible with the Stripe payment platform for venues in the United States and Canada. This document will guide you through the provisioning and installation of this card reader with your ACME Sales terminal. ACME Sales 11.9 or later is required to use this device.

Still need to purchase a Verifone P400? Contact support@acmetcketing.com to place your order. We will arrange for the hardware to be delivered to your venue and will submit an invoice upon delivery.  

Step 1: Connect to your local network

Review Stripe's documentation to walk through connecting via ethernet (recommended) or Wi-Fi (Beta). Once you have obtained an IP address for the device, proceed to Step 2.

  • Note: This card reader requires a WPA-Personal or WPA2-Personal grade network to connect via Wi-Fi. Enterprise level or public networks are not supported. 

Step 2: Contact ACME Support to Activate the Card Reader

Contact support@acmeticketing.com or visit support.acmeticketing.com to submit a device activation request. An ACME representative will set up a virtual meeting to assist in activating your card reader(s).

Important: The card reader must be activated with ACME Support before the device can begin taking payments.

Step 3: Configure the Verifone P400 with ACME Sales

Now that the card reader has been activated with ACME, complete the following steps to finish the installation:

  1. Log in to ACME Sales and navigate to the Configuration Menu. 
  2. Select the "Chip Card Reader" sub-menu and select Ethernet/WiFi from the pick-list. 
  3. Select "FIND DEVICES" To pull up a list of registered devices for your location.
  4. Select the card reader label you wish to connect with. The serial number for your device will appear on the left-hand side of the screen confirming that the connection has been made.
    Note: This list will include all registered devices which may not all be available on your local network. Please ensure that the reader that you are attempting to connect to is turned on and  connected with is on the same network as your ACME Sales terminal.
  5. The Verifone P400 is now connected to ACME Sales and ready for transactions.

Please refer to Stripe's documentation to learn more about about connecting and troubleshooting the Verifone P400.  

Optional: Add a Splash Image to the Card Readers 

The splash screen is the default screen displayed when your Verifone P400 is ready to accept payments. If you would like to customize this image for all your devices, please email support@acmeticketing.com and provide an image that meets the following requirements:
  • Width: 320px
  • Height: 480px
  • JPG or PNG format
  • Max size: 2MB