Q: I created a new ticket type, how do I apply existing discounts to it?

A: Discount Lists include all ticket types that existed when the discount list was created. In order to configure a discount for a new ticket type, a new Discount List will need to be created.

Q: Why is my Coupon or Discount not working?

A: ACME Coupons and Discounts are highly configurable to allow for a variety of use cases. Because of this, there are a few places to check the configuration if you ever encounter an issue. This article will walk you through a few scenarios that may cause unexpected behavior:

  1. Check that the Coupon date is valid. In Back Office, navigate to Pricing>Coupons>(desired Coupon)>Effective Dates. Here you can review the effective date range(s) and ensure that the Coupon can be applied today. Note that this date range is in regards to the sale date and not the event date. 
  2. Check the Category of your Coupon.  ACME allows a Coupon Category to be used with a Discount and not individual Coupon codes. This allows for easier organization if you have multiple codes all for the same Discount. Be sure to check that the category mapped to your Coupon is the same category that is mapped to the Discount in your Event Template or Membership Rule.
  3. Review your Discount List. Did you recently add a new Ticket Category to your Event and the Coupon won't apply? The new Ticket may not be included in the Discount List being used on your Event. You can review this in Back Office by navigating to Pricing>Discounts>(Desired Discount) and checking that your Ticket Category is present and receiving a Discount. Note that if your Ticket Category is not here, a new Discount List will need to be created.
  4. Check the mapping on your Event Template.  If your Coupon, Coupon category, and Discount all looked correct, then the issue could be with the Event Template. In Back Office, navigate to Events>Templates>(desired Template)>Edit>Pricing>Coupons. Here, you will want to check that the Coupon Category that your desired Coupon belongs to is selected and that the appropriate Discount is selected on the next column over. See the image below for an example.
  5. After confirming the mapping is correct, select Publish to ensure that your selection is live for Web sales and POS.

Q: How do I make sure changes to my Price List show up on my Event?

A: In the event that you make an update to a Price List, like adding a new ticket, editing the sales channels, or changing the display order, you will want to check the template to ensure that these updates flow through to your event template and to the schedules. In cases where a price list was modified when it was originally added to an event template, or modified on the schedule level, these updates will not flow through automatically, to ensure it doesn't overwrite a change that you had made previously.

Start by opening up the template using that price list and look at the pricing tab. If the price list was not edited when the template was originally built, the new updates will be visible. If so, proceed to check any active schedules on that template for the same update. Provided that they are also good to go, you're all set.

However, if at either point you don't see the update, then it's time to use the "switch and save" method.

  1. On your template or schedule, select any other price list (doesn't matter which, since this is only for a moment) and click over to a new tab (or save and close the schedule). 
    • Don't click Publish yet! 
  2. Then go back to the pricing tab (or open the schedule and click on the Pricing tab) and select your correct price list again. 
  3. It should now be showing the updated display order. 
  4. You can now save the template (or save and close the schedule).
  5. Once you have done this is all the necessary places you can publish the template which will make sure the web and other sales channels reflects the correct info.

Q: Can I apply a coupon or discount after an order is completed?

A: In ACME, items must have a valid coupon or discount applied before the order is completed; coupons or discounts cannot be added after the fact. Once an order has been completed, you can cancel and refund the order and direct a guest to re-purchase the item with the coupon if you wish.