Import FAQs

  • How are Lifetime Memberships imported?

Though it is less common to find lifetime membership programs these days, you may have some memberships in your database from a program that was offered in the past. If you have any Lifetime Memberships (In Raiser's Edge this is defined with the Lifetime? checkbox marked), these memberships will import to ACME with an expiration date defined by the maximum date per the Year 2038 problem). All memberships in ACME must have an expiration date.

  • What is the max expiration date that can be defined for a membership in ACME?

Due to the current Year 2038 problem, the maximum date that can be set for a membership expiration date is defined by the following:

  • How long are import jobs saved in ACME Backoffice?

Import jobs are retained for three months. You can re-import past files in a new job if needed, but be aware that the contents of your file may be older than the ACME data if the member has renewed more recently.

  • Can I run a test import before the actual one? 

You can import in your Sandbox environment before production if you wish. Just remember that the sandbox environment contains data as of the last production refresh date.

Export FAQs

  • Can I add more fields to the export layout?

Additional fields cannot be added to the current export layout. Depending on what you are looking to export, you can likely export other fields through a related transaction or membership report.

  • Can I change the order of the fields or the field headers?

No, the sequence of the fields and the header names are hard coded at this time. 

  • How long are my export jobs saved in ACME Backoffice?

Export jobs are retained for three months.