11.11.0 Release

Production Release Date: May 4, 2021

Platforms: B2B, B2C, Salesforce

Release Type:  Minor

Downtime:  None

Test Environments: Sand 10


Salesforce Integration

We have added Coupon Code and Coupon Name to the Salesforce integration, on the Opportunity Product Detail. This is now available in ACME Salesforce Managed Package - version 1.106

AVS Updates

With this release, AVS address verification will only happen for addresses within the United States to eliminate unexpected declines from international cardholders.

eCommerce - New Membership Text Variables

It is now possible to configure a heading and description for the membership detail page on eCommerce (B2C). This is the page that displays when a visitor selects "View all benefits" for a membership. The variables are:

  • membership-detail-page-heading
  • membership-detail-page-description (supports HTML)

Barcode display on eTickets

The default Ticket ID or ticket serial number display for eTickets has been updated to show the last 8 digits (previously eTickets showed the middle 12 digits separated by hyphens). This is now consistent with both the ACME Sales and ACME AC app, which always show the last 8 digits of the Ticket ID when viewing or scanning tickets. The change will occur automatically for all new ticket sales on events using the default ACME ticket layout. If you have created custom Ticket Layouts, you can edit these to also display the last 8 digits. Please refer to the Default eTicket Layout for additional information regarding this change.

Bug Fixes

Convert Tickets to Membership

We fixed an issue where rebooked tickets could not be converted to a membership.

eCommerce Calendar page

We fixed an issue where the calendar page was not loading correctly if the customer was in a different time zone from the venue and purchasing at a time when the venue was already in the next day from the customer (ie after midnight).

Duplicate Report

In some cases the "Duplicate" button was not correctly duplicating reports. This has been fixed and you will now see a timestamp has been added to the end of the report name indicating the time at which the report was duplicated.

Editing Rebooked orders

We have fixed an issue where adding items (tickets or add-ons) to a rebooked order caused the display of the order balance to be incorrect.  

Editing Organization orders

We fixed an issue where the order balance was not represented correctly in ACME after paying in full or refunding in full. This occurred in cases where the ticket quantities were both increased and decreased, and a partial payment was taken prior to the balance being paid.  Please contact support@acmeticketing.com if you have any questions regarding these orders.

Resource Assignments at the Schedule Level

  • When creating a new schedule, if you assigned a named resource to a request when first publishing the schedule, the resource did not show conflicts at the assigned time. This is now resolved and all resources assigned at the schedule level will correctly show any conflicts.

  • When editing a resource request at the schedule level, the changes did not propagate down to the event instances when republishing. This issue has been resolved and now all events instances will show the changes after publishing.

  • When a resource was assigned to an event with the Before/After time added, the resource did not show any conflict when attempting to reserve it for other events. This has been resolved.

Note: To ensure Back Office updates are as seamless as possible, we recommend performing a hard refresh of your internet browser after a release is deployed. In some cases, you may also need to reset your browser's data cache including any saved cookies and related browsing data. Please contact support@acmeticketing.com if you experience any issues after a release.